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Under Evolution Creature
(Shinka Kurīchā no Shita)
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Under Evolution Creature is a term used for cards under an evolution creature in the Battle Zone.


The bottom of an evolution source is generally refereed to as an Evolution Source.

6 Supernova Betelgeuse Final Cannon
WaterWater.png / Evolution Creature Evolution icon.png

■ Galaxy Vortex evolution—Put on top of 3 of your Great Mecha Kings, Grand Devils, and/or Poseidia Dragons.

■ Whenever one of your other creatures would be destroyed, you may put it under this creature instead.

■ Mega Meteorburn 6: Whenever this creature attacks, you may put 6 cards under this creature into your graveyard. If you do, return all your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and all cards in your opponent's mana zone to their owners' hands.

■ Triple breaker

2 Lion-kid, Spirit Beast
Nature Nature.png / Creature
Dreammate + Arc Seraphim + Origin

■ When this card is put into your graveyard, if just before it was put in your graveyard it was under one of your evolution creatures, you may draw a card.

2 Spacetime Man
Darkness Darkness.png / Creature
Hedrian + Origin

​ Blocker

■ This creature can't attack.

■ When this card would be destroyed, you may put this card under one of your evolution creatures instead.


Cards with "Under Evolution Creature" abilities


Under Neo Creatures

These cards put cards under other Neo Creatures.

Neo Creature

Evolution Creature

*{{tooltip|Iggy Specials, Climax of the "End"}}
*{{tooltip|Duenyan Emperor}}
*{{tooltip|Onimaru "Explosion", Golden Age}}
*{{tooltip|Raidon, Sonic}}
*{{tooltip|Peryuton, Bird of Fire}}
*{{tooltip|Gachidive, Eureka}}
*{{tooltip|Dran Gileos, Nine Divine Dragoons}}
*{{tooltip|Bhuddi, Three Kingdoms}}
*{{tooltip|Byaha, Dragonic Worm Reaper}}
*{{tooltip|Tars Kerukeruyo, Holy Heaven Guardian}}
*{{tooltip|Pine Jr, Beast Army}}
*{{tooltip|Zeek Cavalie, Lord of Dragon Spirits}}
*{{tooltip|Geo Rebirth Universe}}
*{{tooltip|Gou Daigo, Amazing Artiste}}
*{{tooltip|Raiding, Supersonic}}
*{{tooltip|Gachidaiou, Super Eureka}}
*{{tooltip|Red-End, Super Lightning Sonic}}
*{{tooltip|Daddy Pine, Super Beast Army}}
*{{tooltip|Supernova Black Hole Thanatos}}
*{{tooltip|Supernova Betelgeuse Final Cannon}}
*{{tooltip|Super Terradragon Variant Vades}}
*{{tooltip|Pack E, the Super Electromagnetic}}
*{{tooltip|Cosmo Cebu Lambda, the Super Electromagnetic}}
*{{tooltip|Deathmatmel, Super Zombie}}
*{{tooltip|Überdragon Galactica "Sword Flash" Dragon}}
*{{tooltip|Bolgalshack, Super Divine Dragoon}}
*{{tooltip|Fatal Spiral, Infinite Dragon}}
*{{tooltip|Balphalt, Spirit Meteor}}
*{{tooltip|Legendary Desperado}}
*{{tooltip|Shiba, Amazing Artiste}}