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Under is a term for the a game object where the card is not the top card of a stack.

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The term first appeared in DM-19 Spectacle Nova on cards that have Meteorburn.

5 Drazalk, Prisoned Dragonic Phoenix
Darkness Darkness.png / Evolution Creature Evolution icon.png
Tyranno Drake

■ Evolution—Put on one of your Tyranno Drakes.

■ Meteorburn—Whenever one of your creatures attack, you may put a card under this creature into your graveyard. If you do, destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has "blocker".

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Its not treated as a physical position.


As a general rule, the abilities of cards underneath another card is ignored.

If you evolve Marine Flower to Astral Reef, Astral Reef isn't a blocker and is able to attack. Due to the evolution, "​Blocker Blocker" and "■ This creature can't attack." aren't used.

This is defined in the General Game Rules with;

  • 200.2b The characteristics of cards put under a card due to evolution etc. are ignored.

However, this doesn't apply if a card ability refers to its own information.

8 Super Terradragon Variant Vades
Nature Nature.png / Evolution Creature Evolution icon.png
Earth Dragon

■ Mana Galaxy Vortex evolution—Choose up to 3 nature creatures in your mana zone and put this creature into the battle zone on top of those creatures.

■ This creature's power is equal to the total power of the creatures under it.

■ While this creature has power 6000 or more, it has "double breaker".

■ While this creature has power 12000 or more, it has "triple breaker".

■ While this creature has power 18000 or more, it has "quattro breaker".

Otherwise, if the characteristics of the card underneath the card were ignored, the Super Terradragon Variant Vades would destroy itself as it would have 0 power.

For Card Based Removal, the original characteristics of the card are ignored.

  • As an example, if you use Team Tech's Wave Go!, each card under a card is treated as 0. This allows you to bounce all of the cards.

The card "under" is a component of the object, and not the object itself. Therefore, the top card and all cards under it are treated as a single object.

Choosing a card from under a card doesn't mean choosing the bottom card of the stack. You are able to choose any card in the stack that isn't the top card.

In the case of Ultimate Galaxy Universe's Meteorburn, you may put any evolution source of the Phoenix into your graveyard.