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Civilization(s) WaterWater.png Nature Nature.png
Voice Actor 小山 剛志
Tsuyoshi Koyama

Ukon was first introduced in the Duel Masters Victory season of the Duel Masters anime.



She was first introduced by her stage name of "Sakou Senshu", and is later to be revealed as the human form of Ukon Pippi, who has come down to the human world with Dragon Ryu (aka Forever Kaiser, the Meteor) and Sakon (aka Sakon Pippi) to save their princess Prin Prin, the Eternal, who they sent down to the human world in order to protect her after the invasion of the Aliens in the creature world.

Duel Masters Victory

She dueled against Bucchake in a local tournament and defeated him. She and Sakon are the members of Team Dragon. She have also defeated other duelist in the tournaments that Ryu have been to.

She, Sakon and Dragon Ryu later participated in the Duel Carnival Tournament to save their princess Prin Prin who is the prize card for the tournament, but they lost in the tournament and could not get their princess back, so they went to persuade Katta Kirifuda to help them get their princess back but Katta was not persuaded until he met Dragon Ryu who came out to Katta in his injured state and persuaded Katta by showing him his true card form. Dragon Ryu also told Sakon and Ukon to do the same and help Katta win in order to save their princess. Katta finally won the tournament agiant Onsen, by using their combined power. Later their princess was taken by Onsen but Katta chased after him and with the help of his friends, he saved their princess once again and became their hero.

Duel Masters Victory V

Dragon Ryu, Ukon and Sakon are now living in a house together with Prin Prin in the forest.


He uses a Water and Nature civilization deck.