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Tyrant Black Monarch
(Haō Burakku Monāku)
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Tyrant Black Monarch is a character in the Duel Masters Creature World that is often quoted in the Flavor Texts of Darkness Civilization cards.


A massive creature with both the Demon Command and Dark Lord race who ruled the Darkness Civilization in the ancient world. In the events of the Phoenix Saga, his massive power covered the land of the Darkness Civilization and became a subject for revival for the Grand Devils and Demon Commands. However, they did not succeed. His corpse also became the home base of the Grand Devils and Bhutan Outrages, implying his gargantuan size. His title is also passed to Death Monarch, Lord of Demons, as the title "Monarch" is a title that is used for the highest-ranking members of the Darkness Civilization.

He is responsible for the creation of darkness races such as the Chimeras, Parasite Worms, Death Puppets, Pandora's Box, etc.

This character is never mentioned in the flavor text of cards in the TCG, possibly in order to avoid confusion and speculation among players. Some cards that mentioned him were also replaced by Ballom, Master of Death, a character which exists as a card. (In the original story, the Ballom clan are his strongest minions.)

It is possible that Tyrant Black Monarch might be female as the monarch's gender is not explicitly stated. However for reasons below it has became very unlikely that this is true.

In DMD-33 the Monarch was mentioned by in the flavor text of various cards in the deck. In there, the Fiona Woods was taken over by the Darkness forces and was used as a resurrection site for the Monarch. However, they seem to be unsuccessful as the Lord of Spirits attacked the Fiona Woods as the ceremony is happening, while Dorballom, Lord of Demons, as opposed to his status as an active participant in the Monarch's revival in Phoenix Saga, disagreed with the Monarch's revival as he considered that it would cause a boring one sided battle. Therefore, the day that the Monarch becomes into a card will never come.....Or is it?

However, 16 years later, (suprisingly) in DMX-24 Shine! Duedemy Prize Pack he was released along with Sapphire Wisdom as an actual card as a fanservice.The artwork of the card also made the myth that the Monarch might be female very unlikely due to its masculine stature. For more, see the page for his card.

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