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Creature and Spells. Dual technique where two different powers are combined, that's a Twinpact card! Master the two powers!
Twinpact Series
Japanflag.png 双極篇ツインパクト・シリーズ
(Tsuinpakuto Shirīzu)
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Twinpact Series is the 17th block of card sets in the Duel Masters trading card game.


Sets are named after protagonists and antagonists of the Duel Masters! anime series.

List of Sets

It is composed of sets released after March 31, 2018.





It also features promotional cards from Year 17 as well as SpDeck4 and SpDeck5.




デュエル・マスターズ17番目のシリーズ。 「双極篇」と書いて「ツインパクト・シリーズ」と読む。 ブロックマークは「双」 (=双極篇)。

新章デュエル・マスターズ に引き続き、「切札 ジョー」が主人公を務める。 実は、覚醒編以来8年ぶりの漢字の名前で読み方が違うエキスパンションシリーズ。ちなみに今までの「〜編」と違い、『編』ではなく『篇』なので表記の際には注意。

新要素にクリーチャー面と呪文面を同時に併せ持つツインパクトカードが登場。 呪文、クリーチャー側を両方選択して選べるというこれまでに無かったカードの登場という、大きなサプライズ要素となった。


新たなるカードツインパクトとジョーカーズのドラゴンが登場 DMRP-05 「双極篇 第1弾 轟快!! ジョラゴンGo Fight!!」 火の捨て身の新技と闇の新たな無月の門 DMRP-06 「双極篇 第2弾 逆襲のギャラクシー 卍・獄・殺!!」 新たな裁きの力と無の世界に導く5.S.D.。そこに加わる自然ジョーカーズと水魔導具 DMRP-07 「双極篇 第3弾 †ギラギラ†煌世主と終葬のQX!!」 暴走する自然の災厄と帰ってきたあいつ DMRP-08 「双極篇 第4弾 超決戦!バラギアラ!!無敵オラオラ輪廻∞」 の4つ ツインパクトカードや通常カード含めインフレが激しくなっており、特にツインパクトはクリーチャーと呪文両方合わさる為それがより顕著に現れている。また《黒豆だんしゃく/白米男しゃく》などに代表される汎用性の高い能力を持ち複数枚必要のツインパクトカードは高レアリティになっている事が多く、E1〜ドラゴンサーガ頃の高レアリティを中心の商法への回帰や夏、冬時期の特殊パック販売や9月のスタートデッキ販売による商品数増加など全体的にテコ入れの様子が見られる。 DMEX-01で登場したUGC(ウルトラゴールデンカード)が復活。封入率は1BOXあたり1枚封入確定となっている。しかしその影響で前年で上がったベリーレアの封入率が1BOXあたり7枚から6枚に戻ってしまった。《ニコル・ボーラス》など再録の要望の多かったカードが選ばれる一方、ゴールデンベストと同様《凶戦士ブレイズ・クロー》など何度も再録されているカードも入っている。 様々なメディアで自然文明をプッシュしていく事が発表されており、実際にDMRP-06とDMEX-04を除いたEXシリーズを含む全てのエキスパンションに自然のマスターカードが収録されている。 双極篇最終弾のDMRP-08に至ってはマスターカード、マスター・ハザードカードのどちらも全て自然文明を持つカードとなっている。 レアの封入率も変化。新章デュエル・マスターズ(正確にはDMRP-04裁)までは一箱に確定で1枚ずつ18種封入されていたレアが、DMRP-07まで一箱にランダムで18枚封入となってしまった。そのため、DMRP-04魔〜DMRP-07まで一箱買ってもレアが揃うとは限らなくなった。その後、最終弾であるDMRP-08において再びレアが一箱で全て揃うようになった。 商品数増加や汎用性の高いツインパクトカードの収録のおかげで、売上全体そのものは前シリーズよりも回復した。その一方上記のカードの高騰による資産ゲー化が進行し、古参プレイヤーが離れてしまうきっかけになってしまっており同年の「ポケモンカードゲーム」の爆発的ブームもあり後半の時期の売り上げは伸び悩んだ。 またツインパクトやスマッシュ・バーストなどこれまでにないカードタイプや能力の処理が増えたため裁定が定まらず、いつの間にか裁定を変更した事例が増えた事による混乱が多発した。 覚醒編以来の特殊な読みをするエキスパンションシリーズ。そして、「ツインパクト・シリーズ」と、このゲームならではの造語が初めて使われたシリーズでもある。 アニメ漫画のストーリーとフレーバーテキストの背景ストーリーとの連動性が新章以上に強まった結果、ネタバレ防止の為に殆ど本編の内容に触れないあるいは販売時に既に放送済みの内容のみとなり、この為第4弾での物語上でのミノガミ戦の決着語られる事なくアニメ漫画に持ち越され別コロ4月号で「双極篇完結」の告知がなされた。またアニメではツインパクトなど新要素は隠されていた新章時とは異なり、双極篇が完結する前から先行してGR召喚やオレガ・オーラなど次シリーズの超天篇の新要素が全面的に登場することになった。

It is a block that continues its focus on the races introduced in the previous block.

  • It introduces the Twinpact, a card type that is both a creature and a spell. They can be summoned or cast for either of their costs.
  • Small amounts of Dragon creatures with a Master Dragon race have appeared on Jokers and Light Civilization cards.
  • The races formerly introduced have gained new traits.


DMSD-04/DMSD-05 Stage (March 17, 2018)

New Strong Cards


With the release of the new starter decks, the Jokers (deck) was reinforced by Gunbutler Great Seven, which made a 3 turn kill possible. Jobato De Runo became useful in combo with Jhot Gun Joragon, but also on its own as a shield trigger and was adopted for Jhot Gun Joragon (deck).

DMRP-05 Stage (March 31, 2018)

New Strong Cards


Vomirror, Darma further strengthened the De Szark (deck), making it a force in the metagame. While Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader had a hard time getting around Onikamas, Strange Flow, a Gate of Moonless Night counted as a summon and thus could bypass Onikamas.

While the Jokers deck had found a new finisher in Jhot Gun Joragon, it was still being set back by a timely Kanashimidomino, Destruction Demon Dragon or G.W.D, Rumble Machine, which were being seen more often.

Water Fire Dogiragon Buster became faster with Valchuris, Dragon Armored, which could bring in a new attacker after a second attack. With Platina Walsura S, it also had a good amount of draw and beatdown, while Onikamas, Strange Flow acted as an evolution bait or dealt with other rushes.

Due to its strong removal, G.W.D, Rumble Machine had also found use in Darkness Fire Dogiragon Buster and Dormageddon X, weakening previously strong decks such as Water Darkness Discard.

While the previously crippled Rosia Miradante had been reinforced by Kirazeus Savark, Redzone had also been reinforced by The Bike, Runaway / Bunbun Burst. Ironically, both decks had found good use in Mixel, Strange Stone / Jamming Chaff.

Due to Dragment Innovation getting restricted, Jabbaranga Loop resorted to the progression of Pirates Charger>Necrodragon Bryzenaga>Girigazami, Groaning Iron Arm, as well as abusing more Super Shield Triggers.

Furthermore, previous meta forces had managed to return to the scene, such as:

Out of the twinpact cards, Mixel, Strange Stone / Jamming Chaff and Kuromame Danshaku / Hakumai Danshaku proved as being highly flexible and adaptable in almost any deck. Meanwhile, Luginus, Dragon Armored Doctor / God Hand of Hell and Rousseau Montes / Monte Scale Sign reinforced loop decks.

On the April 2018 Grand Prix, while the winners were Water Darkness Discard, Rosia Miradante and Five Color Faerie Miracle, many players had been seen using De Szark decks. It was at this tournament that LWF Dogiragon Buster and Growth Miradante had become popular.

DMRP-06 Stage (June 23, 2018)

New Strong Cards


With the release of Gogogo Brand, a 2 turn kill was possible for Mono-Fire rushes, thus creating the Gogogo Brand (deck).

Tsukutcho was used in Growth Miradante, while Duriken, Darma was used in De Szark (deck).

Then a new deck centered around Miradante Twelve, Time Pope appeared, using Changethe, Dragon Armored Ship / Fourth of the Six Bizarre ~Earth Breaking Waterfall~ as Revolution Change bait, in the Light Water Nature combination - Changethe Dante.

Neonkus, Palace Missionary / Neo Brain was used in All Delete

While Dogiragon Buster already had strength with its new LWF Dogiragon Buster deck, its synergy with Doremi, Time 1 and Sido, Time 3, as well as their ability to be evolution baits for Platina Walsura S led to the birth of Light Water Fire Dogiragon Buster.

More so, Five Color Dogiragon Buster had been enforced by Mad Demon Excellency / Demon Hand and Oblady Hornet /「Let it Bee!」.

To counter this, both Mixel, Strange Stone / Jamming Chaff and Oriotis, Control Wings were used in Southern Renaissance (deck). In addition to those, some even added Defense Armor, Absolute Fear, in order to have 12 cards that would deal with Dogiragon Buster.

While Onikamas, Strange Flow still saw use in the metagame, more and more Mach Fighter creatures dealt with it on a regular basis.

With the new Hall of Fame update, Victorious Apache Urara, Platina Walsura S, Rainbow Gate and Niyare Get, Zero Trick were restricted, weakening Water Fire Dogiragon Buster, Growth Miradante, Dogiragon Buster 3 turn kill and Jokers (deck). However, Buster decks began resorting to Retisha, Guide of Victory to make up for Apache Urara's restriction, while Jokers decks resorted to Gayoushin and Helcopta for draws.

With the release of DMEX-02, a new version of Mystery Cube appeared as Kabutorial Kuga / Mystery Disaster, which along with Nazomaru, Strongest Insect had been adapted in a new version of Chain Grasper Loop.

Zenmetsu Scrapper had found some use in Dogiragon Buster decks, while Jigs★Garbi, Darma and Pandemonium were used in De Szark (deck).

Although DMBD-05 and DMBD-06 were mostly regarded as useless, Aegis Boost, Matchless Dragon Saint had proven as a strong defense and Revolution Change card in Kaiser Baki, while Triguard Charger was adapted in Bryzeshoot.

Hall of Fame (July 14, 2018)


DMEX-02 (July 14, 2018)

New Strong Cards


DMBD-05/DMBD-06 (August 10, 2018)

New Strong Cards


DMRP-07 Stage (November 10)

New Strong Cards


Nature Jokers had appeared, with a new ability known as Jokers Change.

Scora, Dimensional Storm had led to the creation of a new deck called Gokuga Cycle.

Megaboost Churis / 「Crazy Suicide Tactics!」 had been used in Gogogo Brand (deck), Rensatsu no Bangetsu Hand had been used in Dormageddon X, while Durinri, Darma and the new Water Magic Tools were used in De Szark (deck).

Meanwhile, at 2 block tournaments, Savark decks had been dominating due to the new Judgment Emblem Z, as well as the strong synergy between Savark DG and Savark Calibur, Ghiramessiah. Besides this, decks with Crash Head, Victorious Dragon Armored had also been going strong.

With the release of DMEX-03, Dangerdeon, Super Mechanical Trap / Hell Utopia's Trap Revelation had enforced even more the "Trap" spell name category, in combo with Hyper Gigatack / Gigatack Hyper Trap, Na Turalgo Danger / Natural Trap and Drap, Escalden / Maxcargo Trap, thus leading to the creation of VV-8 Gigatack Jolly.

Liliang, Mysterious Light found use in the new Light Fire Gogogo Brand.

Wals Awandes was used in Dogiragon Buster decks to deal with an opposing 卍 De Szark 卍 or Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden.

Deshibuko Guchipa, Zenith of "Fist" was used in Gale Vesper, which had also adapted Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D for defense and Shakogairu, Water Academy No. 9 as an extra win condition.

DMRP-08 Stage (December 21, 2018)

New Strong Cards


Competitive Decks

Important Cards

New cards:

Old cards:


DMRP series

DMSD series

DMBD series

DMEX series


  • The block is named after the Twinpact card type.
  • The kanji name of this set is “Bipolar Series”.