ツインパクト (Tsuinpakuto)
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Twinpact is a term introduced in the Twinpact Series block.


They are cards that have 2 card types. They have 2 different costs and card types, but when referring to their characteristics as cards, you must refer to the correct card half.

The below 2 card halves of Ichigotchi Tank / Let's Goichigo are found on the same card. You may summon the Ichigotchi Tank creature half for its cost of 7, for a Nature Civilization creature with the Gransect race that has 12000 power as well as "Triple Breaker". You may also choose to instead to cast the Let's Goichigo spell half for its cost of 2 which puts the top card of your deck into your mana zone.

Ichigotchi Tank Let's Goichigo
Nature / Creature / Gransect / 7 / 12000 Nature / Spell / 2
■ Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.) ■ Put the top card of your deck into your mana zone.

While they have 2 card types, you should always refer to the correct information of a card half when referring to its characteristics such as cost.

  • In the above card example, you can add the Ichigotchi Tank half into your hand with Jumbo Rapadise as it cares about a creature that has power 12000 or more, even though the other half is a spell. However, they would also be more susceptible to a card such as Mind Reset.
  • A card such as Gaiacrush Crawler would prevent a Twinpact card from being untapped while in your mana zone, but any Twinpact card would also count as a creature being put into your graveyard for the effect of Mustang, Royal Destroyer.

They have 2 exclusive keywords, Last Burst and Smash Burst.

  • Last Burst allows them to cast the spell half of the card when the creature half is destroyed for no cost.
  • Smash Burst allows them to cast the spell half of the card when the creature half attacks for no cost.

In DMEX-04 Dreams Come True!! Twinpact Uber No.1 Pack!!, Twinpact cards with an Evolution Creature and Neo Creature side were introduced.

In DMRP-08 The Showdown! Baraghiara!! Invincible OraOra Ringfinity ∞, multicolored Twinpacts were introduced. These cards had differing civilizations on their creature and spell sides, and are considered to be cards of multiple civilization.


(These cards are an example of Twinpact cards from DMRP-05.)

List of Twinpact cards

(These twinpact don't have the Last Burst or Smash Burst keyword.)

 ■ Akashishima / Red Agraf
 ■ Alpaca Hammer / Command of the Gang Leader
 ■ Baraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum / Tenjoutenge Ringfinity Dokuson
 ■ Baraghiara, Violent Heaven / Gaia's Awakening
 ■ Chaunics, Blizzard Faerie / Snowbo Patrol
 ■ Codename Thirteen / Pandora Impact
 ■ Dangerdeon, Super Mechanical Trap / Hell Utopia's Trap Revelation
 ■ Dondo Rafui / Neon Zeong
 ■ Drap, Escalden / Maxcargo Trap
 ■ Dreaming Moon Knife / Sanctuary of the Mother
 ■ Fabula Snail / Gorchop Trap
 ■ Fighter Dual Fang / Beast Charge
 ■ Gorgeous ☆ Grandpin / Ikinari! Full Course
 ■ Hazard Ou Kabuto / Kabuto's Roaring Seal
 ■ Hyper Gigatack / Gigatack Hyper Trap
 ■ Ichigotchi Tank / Let's Goichigo
 ■ Juranokill, Roaring World King / Jurassic Howl
 ■ Kabutorial Kuga / Mystery Disaster
 ■ Ketanoko Tank / Ketanobir Lancer
 ■ Kingdom Ohkabuto / Charge 3 Times, Free Entry!
 ■ Kingdom Ohkabuto / Gouhaten Tsukumogatari
 ■ Kirino Giant / Break Break Hit Tsubeshi Now
 ■ Kondama / Soul Femidoro
 ■ Kuromame Danshaku / Hakumai Danshaku
 ■ Kyu Kyura Kyurax / Final Burial Five Sense Down
 ■ Ledy Ba Gooba / Twinpact Map
 ■ Minogami, Rainbow Cocoon / Emperor's Awakening
 ■ Na Turalgo Danger / Natural Trap
 ■ Natura Tops, Machkind / Stomping Weed
 ■ Oblady Hornet /「Let it Bee!」
 ■ Piodoro, Dragon Armored Car / Toxic Juice
 ■ Ra Suneyoma Panzer / Aurora of Reversal
 ■ Sa Kyura Kyurax / Five Start Up
 ■ Shaman Totem / Greed Kingdom
 ■ Stegoro Kaiser, Struggling Battlekind / Purification Sharrup
 ■ Strong Goliath / Freezing Icehammer
 ■ Tsumricargo La Denden the 3rd / Rolling Trap
 ■ Wancopy, Dog Machine / 101 Copit Great Adventure

 ■ Adrek Workman / Vice Scrapper
 ■ Baraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum / Ringfinity Violent Blaze
 ■ Baraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum / Ringfinity Violent Dark
 ■ Baraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum / Ringfinity Violent Holy
 ■ Baraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum / Ringfinity Violent Ice
 ■ Barian, Strange Stone / Highrisk Pendulum
 ■ Brooks the Silver / Zababan Light
 ■ Burnmare the Silver / Oraora Slash
 ■ Chouhatsu Churis / Longest Way
 ■ Core Calibur, Mobile Base / Electro Shower
 ■ Cyber K Wozurek / Wozurek's Inquisition
 ■ Diango Hermi / Diabitan G
 ■ Dokeidaimos, Misfortune Demon 01 / Alex Gears
 ■ Evilvy, Dragon Armored 05 / Evil Force
 ■ FASORASI Dokkan / ♪ Dowadokkannodo
 ■ GARIGARI Nappam / Death Punchline
 ■ Gachabeth 1 / Gachagacha Scramble
 ■ Great-Armed Projuicer / Apple Juice Girls are Triple Girls
 ■ Greeji Fabnore / Vanish Death
 ■ Grohl, Runaway / Cardo Cobain
 ■ Haileader, Play Music / Melody 3 「Temptation」
 ■ Herald Redoute / Rose Ceremony
 ■ Holyend, Destiny Dragon Armored / Now or Never
 ■ Hope, Judgment Bond's Rainbow / Keyboard Access
 ■ Ikkodas Cage / Seed Destiny
 ■ Ilfin the Silver / Meramera Chain
 ■ Jarly, Strange Stone / Sentimental Jarly
 ■ Jenne Topy / GYORAI-CANNON!
 ■ Jet Reming, Dragon Armored / Lorentz Typhoon
 ■ Joumonji, Mana Elder / Hidden Mana Dry Leaves
 ■ Khan, Misfortune Demon 30 / Okke Punch
 ■ Magi, Mechanic / 「Power of Hand Des」
 ■ Medicalar Cobalt Kaiser / Eyed Wise Shutter
 ■ Melkomi Tamatama, Shadow of Restraint / Gushatto Fist
 ■ Mikuru, Future Faerie / Miracle Brain
 ■ Og Val, Dragon Armored / 「Quietness, Fill the World」
 ■ Parif, Shell Beast / Twinkle Flash
 ■ Paruten, Sealed Grave / Third of the Six Bizarre ~Water with Will~
 ■ Pea Tanpan / 「Haichadame💢」
 ■ Pomirin, Rainbow Faerie / Rainy Atlas
 ■ Potpiehat Kozo / Stew Routing
 ■ Proto Core / Shadow Cracking
 ■ Saharan, Red Attack Silver / Red Magic
 ■ Sharkuga, Ugly King / Dark Operation
 ■ Shigurune, Dragon Armored No. 30 / Cool Tune
 ■ Shinpas, Calming Judgment Bond / Justice Shaper
 ■ Silt, Blue Defense Silver / Killer Tune
 ■ Spinach Panzer / Spinner Bull
 ■ Spring Seeker / Double Fall
 ■ Stagem, Strange Stone / Mach Knuckle
 ■ Sukima De Meer / Welcome to ~ here...!
 ■ Summer Ojisummer / Moon Ojisummer
 ■ Taratuil Panzer / Delica Spark
 ■ Tenjoinsama / Floor Bullet
 ■ Tenma Jao / Mometi Asachi
 ■ Torakuru, Play Music / Melody 5 「Sound Tornado」
 ■ Ugoka Saruko, Darkness's End / Glow of Rebirth
 ■ Ziggy Thunder Bolt / Round One
 ■ Zorego, Misfortune Demon 90 / Jackpot! Another One!!
 ■ Zottoba, Misfortune Demon 29 / Zottoba Nescence

Has the Last Burst keyword:

Has the Smash Burst keyword:



Cards that support Twinpact cards

Support Card: Card Effect:
Enremen Twinpact cards in your mana zone are considered to be cards of every civilization.
Kondama / Soul Femidoro ■ Whenever you put a twinpact card into your mana zone, untap a card in your mana zone.


Ledy Ba Gooba / Twinpact Map  

■ Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Put a twinpact card from among them into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Minogami, Rainbow Cocoon / Emperor's Awakening ■ At the start of your turn, you may return a twinpact card from your mana zone to your hand.

Twinpact cards in your mana zone are considered to be cards of every civilization.

■ Put a card from your graveyard to your mana zone tapped. Then you may return a twinpact card from your mana zone to your hand.

Tenjo Tenge Twinfinity Emperor Twinfinity: Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck face up. You may cast the spell side of a twinpact card revealed face up this way for no cost. If you do, cast that spell and put it into the battle zone instead. Put the rest into your mana zone.


Cards supported by Twinpact cards

Support Card: Card Effect:
Choromatsu, Nature's Third Son ■ While you have a twinpact card in your mana zone, this creature gets "guardman".
Kondama / Soul Femidoro  

■ Put the top card of your deck into your mana zone. If that card is a twinpact card, put another card from the top of your deck into your mana zone.


(These rules refer to Twinpact cards that are creatures and spells.)

  • Q. Can I add this card to my hand with a card that searches for a creature such as "Dimension Gate"?
    • A. Yes, you can. Since it is a creature and a spell, you can use any card that would search for a creature or a spell.
  • Q. Is it possible to search for the creature side of this card for something that looks for a non-spell?
    • A. No, as this has both card types so it can't be treated as a card that isn't a spell.
  • Q. When you reveal the top 2 cards with Jhot Gun Joragon joe, a Twinpact card was revealed. How do I count the cost?
    • A. When referring to the Twinpact as a card, you can choose either card type you prefer. You can choose the cost from either the creature or spell side.
  • Q. If you add a Twinpact from the graveyard to your hand by Miracle Star, Time Caster, can I refer to the cost of the creature side?
    • A. No. You may only refer to the cost of the spell side.
  • Q. My opponent revealed a Twinpact card on the top of the deck with the effect of Vegas Dollar, Super Eureka. What happens if it was a combination that was a creature that cost 4 and a spell that cost 5 or more?
    • A. As the card contains a cost of 5 or more, use the first ability to "return all your opponent's creatures in the battle zone to their owners' hands". When asking what category the card belongs, if either of the card halves are included in that category, treat it as having that characteristic.
  • Q. When a card from the top of my opponent's deck was put into the graveyard by the effect of Volg Thunder, it was a Twinpact card. Can it be treated as a spell and not a creature?
    • A. No, When asking what category the card belongs, if either of the card halves is included in that category, treat it as having that characteristic. If both of those cards were Twinpact cards, they are both treated as creatures.
  • Q. I use Dead Dollar, S-Rank Zombie and put the top card of my opponent's deck into his graveyard. If it was a Twinpact, who chooses the cost?
  • Q. Can I return a creature in the battle zone to its owner's hand with Team Tech's Wave Go! if the creature side costs 7 while the spell side is 5 or less?
    • A. As a card in the battle zone, it's treated as a creature, so only the cost of 7 is used. In this case, you can't return it to the hand.
  • Q. I attack with Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush and used Gachinko Judge. If my opponent reveals a Twinpact card, do I choose chooses the cost as the owner of Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush?
    • A. Gachinko Judge is an independent rules process, and each player is responsible for determining the cost of their own card.
  • Q. Suppose that the creature side of a Twinpact card has the same name as an existing card. When you build a deck, can you put in 4 copies of the card name? Or can you have both?
    • A. Twinpacts are counted as cards and are treated as cards with 2 card names combined. As the creature and spell name are combined, you are able to regard them as a separate card, and use 4 copies of both cards (ie. You may use 4x Kingdom Ohkabuto and 4x Kingdom Ohkabuto / Gouhaten Tsukumogatari in the same deck.).
  • Q: If the Twinpact card in the shields gets "Shield Trigger" by the effect of cards that give the keyword to other cards, what side of the card can you use?
    • A: If the card specifies that a "card" or "shield" gets the keyword, you can choose between either side and can summon or cast for no cost. If the card type is specified (ie. "Creatures gets Shield Trigger.") then you may only use it for that side.


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