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ターン (Tān)
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Turn is the method of playing between players during a game of Duel Masters.


Each turn is performed by a player, with actions taken only by them on their turn. That player is referred to as the active player.

When the turn ends, the active player changes and a new turn begins. This process is repeated until a player wins the game.

Some effects can give a player extra turns.

Steps of a Turn

A turn consists of the following steps.

  • 1) Start of Turn Step
    • 1.1) Resolve any summoning sickness from creatures in the battle zone.
    • 1.2) Your creatures in the battle zone and cards in your mana zone are untapped. This is forced.
    • 1.3) Any abilities that trigger at "the start of your turn" are resolved now.
  • 2) Draw Step: You draw a card. This is forced. If you have no deck, you lose when you draw the last card.
  • 3) Charge Step: You may put a card into your mana zone. This is optional.
  • 4) Main Step: You may use cards, such as summoning creatures, casting spells, generating and crossing cross gear or fortifying castles. You can do these actions as many times as you want, in any order, as long as you can pay their costs.
  • 5) Attack Step: You can attack with creatures or use Tap Abilities. You may do this in any order as long as you have eligible creatures to attack.
  • 6) End Step: The turn finishes after you have no more creatures to attack with.


  • Turns are always handled in the above order and previous steps can't be returned to. For example, if you draw cards after you attack with a creature, you can't charge in step 5, or cross a cross gear in step 6.
  • The player who plays first skips the draw step of their first turn.
  • While normally a creature or spell can only be used during your turn, an opponent can block, or use Ninja Strike abilities after an attack. This also allows cards with Shield Trigger or Strike Back.
  • Belfegius, Emperor of Death can alter the forced ability of having to untap your creature.
  • Although it's confusing, if Untouchable, Temporal Hero is in the battle zone at step 8, it can awaken if other cards satisfy its awaken condition during step 9.
  • Before the March 25, 2017 Rules revision, the second and third steps were in opposite positions.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 500. General
    • 500.1. A turn consists of six steps, in this order: start of turn, draw, mana charge, main, attack and end of turn. Each of these steps takes place every turn, even if nothing happens during the step. Each step may contain further substeps.
    • 500.2. Each step has no effect during processing, the active player does not do anything. Step will end at the point. Each substep during the attack is the next time each player's actions run out.
      • 500.2a Previous steps in a turn can't be returned to.
    • 500.3. When a step or substep ends, any effects scheduled to last “until end of” that step or substep expire. When a step or substep begins, any effects scheduled to last “until” that step or substep expire. Effects that last “until end of attack expire at the end of an attack, not at the end of attack step. "turn Medium "The following effect will disappear after the turn completes completely and you will enter the turn end step It does not mean it will soon disappear.
    • 500.4. When a step or substep begins, any abilities that trigger “at the start of” that step or substep trigger.
    • 500.5. Some effects can give a player extra turns. They do this by adding the turns directly after the specified turn. If a player is given multiple extra turns, the extra turns are added one at a time.
      • 500.5a If each player gets an extra turn during the same turn, the active player uses their extra turns first.
    • 500.6. The player who plays first skips the draw step of their first turn.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 500. 総則
    • 500.1. ターンは順に「ターン開始」「ドロー」「マナチャージ」「メイン」「攻撃」「ターン終了」の 6 つのステップで構成されます.それぞれのステップは, なにも起こることがなくてもターンごとに存在します.各ステップはさらにサブステップを持つことがあります.それらは, ::順番に処理されます.
    • 500.2. 各ステップは処理中の効果がない状態で, ターン・プレイヤーが何もすることがなくなった時点で終了します.攻撃中の各サブステップは, 各プレイヤーの行動がなくなった時点で次のサブステップに移行します.
      • 500.2a 一度次のステップに移行したら, それ以前のステップに戻ることはありません.
    • 500.3. ステップやサブステップが終わったとき, そのステップやサブステップの「終わりまで」続く予定だった効果は消滅します.また, あるステップやサブステップ「まで」続く予定だった効果はそのステップやサブステップの開始時に消滅します.「攻撃中」続く効果は, 各クリーチャーの攻撃終了時に消滅するのであり, 攻撃ステップの終了時ではありません.「ターン中」続く効果はターンが完全に終了した後消滅するのであり, ターン終了ステップに入ったらすぐに消滅するわけではありません.
    • 500.4. ステップやサブステップが始まるとき, そのステップやサブステップの「はじめに」発生する誘発型効果が待機状態になります.
    • 500.5. 効果によって、プレイヤーは追加のターンを得ることがあり得ます。その場合、得たターンを現在のターンの直後に追加します。1ターンの間に、1人のプレイヤーが複数の追加ターンを得る場合、その追加ターンは1つずつ追加されます。
      • 500.5a 1ターンの間に、各プレイヤーが追加ターンを得た場合、その追加ターンはターン・プレイヤーから行います。
    • 500.6. 先攻プレイヤーの第1ターンはドローステップを飛ばします.