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This is a Vanilla card.
Tulk, the Oracle
げんしゃクルト (Kurt, the Prophet)
Tulk, the Oracle
Civilization: Light Light
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 1
Race: Light Bringer
Power: 500
Flavor Texts: Light Bringers are forged in the crucible of dawn out of a cosmic mixture of the hope embodied by a brand-new day, the final kiss of a waning moon, the sigh of a cloud, the caress of a breeze, and a nuclear warhead unstable enough to blow a continent clear off the planet. (DM-10)
もっとも弱い者のみが、その奇跡を予言していた。 世界は混迷し、憎しみを生み続ける。 予言を知っていてさえも、この事態は複雑すぎた。Only the weakest of us could foretell the miracle. The world was in turmoil, and hatred continued to breed. Even with the knowledge of the prophecy, this situation was too complicated. (DM-10, DMC-17, DMC-34)
釣った魚は流れ作業ですぐ調理! さばいて、ダシ取り、鍋で煮たてりゃ、かんたん・おいしい料理のできあがり! バトルだって同じだぜ! サクっとさばいて、煮ちゃいなヨ! Once you catch a fish, you can cook it right away! Just slice the fish, prepare the broth, and boil it in a pot for an easy and delicious meal! It's the same with battles! Just slice it up and boil it! ─Tulk, the Oracle (DMC-68)
その事件とは…「クルト罠にかかっちゃった事件」だ! 目の前のおにぎりに夢中で気がつかないクルト…。しかし、そこには見え見えの罠が! At the same time that the identity of Unidentified, Gyuujinmaru, was revealed to be the mastermind behind the invaders, another incident is about to be revealed.
That case is... the "Case of the trapped Tulk"! Tulk was so absorbed in the rice ball in front of him that he doesn't notice.... there's a trap waiting to be sprung! (DMR-20)
襲来した月光王国を迎撃に向かう十二神騎たち。その中で最も新参である「新時代の福音」が不安そうにしているのを見て、先輩騎士である「伝承の語り部」と「火玉の祈り手」が優しく声をかけた。「お主のことも我らが守る! 心配なぞ不要だ! 」「この戦いが終わったら、一緒にクルトたちが待つ温泉に行こうぜ。約束だぞ! 」The Twelve Divine Horsemen are on their way to intercept the attacking Gekko Kingdom. When they saw that the newest of them, Neongenesis Evangel, looked uneasy, the senior knights, Fireball Channeler & Legendary Taleteller, gently called out to him. "We will protect you as well! You don't need to worry!" "When this battle is over, let's go together to the hot springs where Tulk and his friends are waiting for us. That's a promise!" (DMRP-15)
秋といえばお月見! さーて、まんまるーいお月見だんごをお供えしてくると……って、クルト〜!? (P61/Y18)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrators: Ippei Soeda
Hisanobu Kometani
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