Tsurato Usutora, Leader of Division
Civilization: LightLight
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  3
Races: Justice Wing / Oracle
English Text: ■ Whenever you put a creature that has "Guerrilla Division" in its name in the battle zone, you may draw a card.
Japanese Text: ■ 自分の、名前に(ゆうげきだん)を持つクリーチャーをバトルゾーンに出した時、カードを1枚引いてもよい。
Power:  3000
Flavor Text: これはまた別の世界の話。オラクルが支配した世界では、すべての文明に遊撃師団?が設立された。ゼロの意志に導かれ、彼らは個性を必要としなくなった。 This is yet another world's tale. A world ruled by Oracles, there are Guerrilla Divisions in every civilization. Led by the will of Zero, personality became useless to them. (DMR-16極)
Mana: 1
Illustrator: Nekobayashi
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