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Trivia card
ネタカード (Netakādo)
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A Trivia Card is a slang term for cards that are notable in the fandom for reasons other than being powerful in the competitive Metagame. It is a type of in-joke and can often make players laugh.


The Following are often features of trivia cards;

Types of Trivia cards

  • 1: Cards such as Aqua Master and Gaulezal Dragon are so weak that they are useless in actual gameplay, but due to their low card power, they had received a fanbase who treats these cards as gods (Sarcastically). For example, Scissor Eye, a Vanilla creature with below average card power, has received attention in the fandom and got a joke decktype known as "Scissor-Love" (シザー・愛, Which is a pun on "Scissor Eye") around it, which simply involves reinforcing Scissor Eye with Cross Gear. On the other hand, these cards are worthless without their illustration and flavor text, so this is one of the few ways to be entertained by weak cards.
  • 2: Duel Masters is famous for it's work in cards that were not seen in other card games due to its high comical element after Psychic Shock, such as Cards made Of Metal, Cards made of 3 cards and Cards with perfume, which are attractive to players. There are also cards which are parodies to other franchises, such as Yattar Wan, Adventuring Fox and Storium, Light Ray Doll and can give a good joke to players who know these franchises.
  • 3: Trivia cards which are also active members of the metagame, such as Überdragon Bajula being defeated by the vastly weaker (in actual gameplay) Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope as well as Perfect Galaxy, Immortality Elemental which has it's secret version mistakenly labeled as a Spell. Due to an errata in Fuuma Vile Apostle's race, Grand Devils are often called "Dodevils".

They are an important existence in Duel Masters due to their opening of topics for players to talk of, and are a nice way to have fun save for dueling. However, overdoing it will often cause hate by players.


List of Trivia cards

(These cards are the commonly referred to as Trivia cards)