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トラップ (Torappu)
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Released: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
Civilization: Nature Nature.png
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Category for Trap

Trap is a Name Category of spells primarily in the Nature Civilization.


It was first introduced with Natural Snare (Natural Trap) in DM-01 Base Set, but didn't become a category until DMRP-06 Strike Back Galaxy 卍・Inferno・Annihilation!!.

There are a few cards in other civilizations such as Darkness and Fire that exist; Bubble Trap, Trap Commune, Drill Trap and Flame Lance Trap.

Miraculous Truce and Natural Snare were known as Eternal Trap and Natural Trap in Japanese.

It doesn't include non-spell card types, so Traptops, Green Trap Toxickind, Trap Giant, Pulsar Tree (Trap Tree), Taunting Skyterror (Battletrap Wyvern), Trappy Trap Man and Trap's Rune aren't include in the name category.

List of Trap cards





Cards that support the Trap category

Support Card: Card Effect:
Dangerdeon, Super Mechanical Trap / Hell Utopia's Trap Revelation Wana Wana Panic: When creatures attack, if it's the first attack this turn, you may cast a spell that has Trap in its name from your hand for no cost.


Na Turalgo Danger / Natural Trap ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone or whenever you cast a spell that has Trap in its name, you may put a nature creature that costs 6 or less from your hand or mana zone into the battle zone.





  • In English, Solar Trap exists but is known as Sol Tube in the Japanese game and is not included in the category.
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