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This page list the various Duel Masters toys and merchandise that have been released in the American and Japanese markets.

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Hasbro's Duel Masters Puzzles featuring cool creatures available in 100 pieces and large for 200 pieces, also 500 pieces Duel Masters poster puzzle is available. Five creature's puzzles from each five civilizations.

Collectible Assortments

Recreate the fury of the Duel with these cool Cube Battlers! Roll each cube to defeat your opponent! Packages from series 1 include a random card from DM-01, while packages from series 2 include a random card from DM-02.

Assortment from series 1 includes 8 individually packaged Cube figures: Urth, Purifying Elemental and Frei, Vizier of Air, King Coral and Crystal Paladin, Deathliger, Lion of Chaos and Bone Spider, Bolshack Dragon and Fatal Attacker Horvath, Deathblade Beetle and Fighter Dual Fang.

Series 2 includes: Ethel, Star Sea Elemental and Sieg Balicula, the Intense, Aqua Sniper and Hunter Fish, Dark Titan Maginn and Giriel, Ghastly Warrior, Bolzard Dragon and Überdragon Jabaha, Fear Fang and Gigamantis.

Action Figures

Let the battle begin with these cool Duel Masters action figures! Assortment includes 15 individually packaged figures: Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion, Fear Fang, Urth, Purifying Elemental, Fatal Attacker Horvath, Aqua Sniper, Mudman, Rothus, the Traveler, Deathliger, Lion of Chaos, Gatling Skyterror, Deathblade Beetle, Crystal Paladin, Magmarex, Trox, General of Destruction and Scarlet Skyterror.

Bolshack Dragon

Terrify your opponents with the fierce Bolshack Dragon who comes with electronic lights and sounds to bring the thrilling action of the card game to life. Push the dragons head to wake him. Then call out "Bolshack Dragon", and the beast will announce its presence with a mighty battle roar. Turn his wings, arms and legs to strike battle poses. Twist its body for a destructive claw strike, and watch as lights are activated. A pretend flame projectile really fires from the dragon's mouth. Includes 3 "AAA" batteries.

Electronic Games


Release Date: November 2005

Hasbro Duel Masters Dex Own the zone! Only the cleverest of Kaijudo Duel Masters know of the awesome power you hold in your hands. It will bring you great advantages if you use it wisely. Before entering the Duel Masters arena, bring forth a detailed database of characters, creatures and spell cards! Gain insight into the Civilizations of Fire, Nature, Darkness, Water, and Light! Create fantasy decks and analyze them for strengths and weaknesses! Sort and search for cards, keep track off your most-wanted and super-rare cards.

Eight special functions keep you fully prepared – name and phone numbers, email and web addresses, reminders, alarm clock, calculator, and password protection and more! You’ll even find two awesome electronic games based on the trading card game!

Duel Station

This is the official Duel Masters Card reader released only in Japan on 3 March 2003. The Duel Station can be connected to any screen which have the ports for the provided cables. It comes with an AC/DC adapter as well. The card reader initially only have the data on DM-01 Base Set (OCG) but it have an empty slot to insert a cartridge.

Duel Station Cartridge Version 1

This cartridge pack was also released for Japan only on 4 August 2003. This cartridge pack comes with:-

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

Hasbro's Duel Masters McDonald's Happy Meal Toys include 6 individual toys, which include Shobu action figures, Kokujo action figure, Shobu Assortment figure, and Water, Fire, Darkness, Light, Nature Civilization Card holders. With each of these toys, there are 3 promotional Duel Masters cards. There was a total of 15 different cards released with these toys.

Burger King Kid's Meal Toys

Hasbro's Duel Masters Kid's Meal Toys include 3 individual toys, which include a Shobu action figure, a Shobu card shooter, and a Golden Wing Striker figurine that can be ejected from a green box. They were released alongside 3 Sabrina's Secret Life toys. There was a total of 7 different promotional cards released with these toys, but only the card shooter included one.

Master Flame

Summon these Duel Masters figures to your battle zone! Recreate the fury of the Duel with the card shooter. Electronic motion activates lights and sounds, rule the duel with the power of a true Kaijudo master. Includes a free booster pack.

Creature Collection

This is the very action figures of Duel Masters Creatures released in Japan in 2005. This collection consists of 5 different figures to be collected: Bronze-Arm Tribe, Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny, Bolmeteus Steel Dragon, Aqua Sniper and Pierr, Psycho Doll.

Ultimate Shield Set

This is a stand in which you can place your shields. It includes the following.

  • 2 player playmat.
  • 2 shield zone stands, one for each player.
  • Boltail Dragon promotional card (P13/Y*).

Deck Cases

A gallery for Deck Cases can be found here.

Card Albums

CoroCoro Limited Binder

2004 Binder

Card Sleeves

A gallery for card sleeves can be found here.


Takaratomy Playmat

Limited Rubber Mat

Super CS Limited Rubber Mat

Grand Prix Limited Playmat

CoroCoro Limited Playmat

Starter Deck 2 Playmat

Starter Deck 2 Playmat

Card Holder Box

Event Exclusive Card Boxes

Deck Exclusive Card Boxes


Due-yen Campaign

Duemafest Card Boxes

Campaign Card Boxes

Corocoro Limited Card Holder Boxes


Nestlé Stickers

These stickers were issued with different brands of Nestlé cereals such as Cookie Crisp, Golden Nuggets, Nesquik and Shreddies. They are dated 2005 and sizes are 70x68. There are a total of 10 different creature stickers and 3 mini sticker sheets with creature and character art. Each box offers 2 creature stickers and 1 mini sticker. By removing the sticker, you can reveal the sticker's collection number. The creatures from the same civilizations have the same art behind the sticker, and therefore they share the same collection number.

Nestlé Lenticular Collectibles

These collectibles were included in Nesquik cereals.

Duelist Box

This box contains a special notebook full of goodies like card catalog sheets and stickers, a tin collectors' box, limited-edition promotional cards, and six expansion packs—in short, everything an aspiring Duel Master needs.

Walkers Tazos

These are a total of 25 different Duel Masters combining Tazo. Each feature there monster's mana cost, illustrators name, creature's civilization and tazo number. They also feature TV Show characters on them as well.

The back of these Tazos feature the civilization these creatures belong to and if it is a character tazo then they show Duel Masters logo .

They feature:

Star Foods Tattoos

These temporary tattoos were released by Star Foods. It is unknown how many different versions exist.

Trade Day Handouts

This is 2005 Duel Masters CCG (Collectible Card Game) Trade Day Promo Handout Folder with Garkago Dragon Model.



15th Anniversary Exhibition Limited

15th Anniversary Exhibition NEXT Limited

CoroCoro Comic 40th Anniversary x Duel Masters

CoroCoro Sky Tree Town CoroCoro Comic Legend Cafe ~ 40th ANNIVERSARY ~ Can Badge Collection vol.1

Cand Badge

Key Case

Acrylic Stand

Acrylic Key Holder

Night League Acrylic Holder

Can Badge






Arcade Prizes

Others(CoroCoro Comic)

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