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タッチ (Tatchi)
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Touch is a Deck Building term that refers to putting a small amount of cards from another civilization than the main civilization of your deck.


If it's not the same civilization related to the rest of your deck, it is put into your mana zone during the early turns as you would be unable to play it. If the second card of that civilization is drawn, you could cast or summon it without issue as only one card of that civilization would b required.

You may use the cards added to your deck in this way even without matching civilizations in your mana zone with a For No Cost ability or Ninja Strike.

Using multiple civilizations can cause Color Accidents, but also increase the flexibility of your deck's options.

  • DMC-36 Heaven of Dragon was a deck heavily featuring the Fire Civilization. However, it used a touch of Darkness Civilization spells with a playset of 4x Terror Pit. Hayabusamaru, Lightfang Ninja is also commonly used in various rush decks as a form of defense against other rush decks, as no Light cards are required to use the Ninja Strike.
  • Monocolored decks that have a touch of civilizations tend to feature 準 (Jun) meaning "Quasi" at the beginning of their deck name. This is seen in "Quasi Mono-Darkness Rush" (that uses Water) or "Quasi Mono-Fire Control" (that uses Nature).
    • Many of these multicolored decks feature cards such as Zamaru, Treasure of Darkness that require each card in the mana zone to be the same civilization or the Mana Arms keyword. This requires you to use only one civilization or multicolored cards with that civilization.


  • This is sometimes also referred to as a "splash".