Civilization(s) NatureNature
Voice Actor 冨岡美紗子
Misako Tomioka
Signature Card(s) Totenton

Totento is a character in the Duel Masters! season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Tontento resembles a personification of Totenton. He is a short boy in a ladybug outfit. Be noted that the anime literally states that Totento is a boy, as shown in the word 少年 (Shounen).

He is very gluttonous and gets furious when he doesn't get copious amounts of food.


Duel Masters!

He first appeared formally along with Tonbo, which did not have any money to pay for his insane appetite. Deckie believes that they are Duel Warriors, since he has never personally seen them and calls Joe to investigate, in which he disguised his face using a combination of Higesori, Eyeball Chans and Baron Gelacho. The two just shrugged him off due to the hilarious appearance, so Joe drawn Katsuraderansu to give himself an afro, then call Coordinate to give him a half naked costume so he becomes barely recognizable. However, Joe tripped off some sugar canes and one of the eyeballs fall off, so Tontento challenges him to a duel.

Due to a shield trigger Aurora Pikanchi, he got huge amounts of mana so he can summon Totentontan and Ma Scumero Tank to give himself the ability to finish Joe in an Infinite Attack. However, a shield trigger Jobato De Runo stopped the attack and she was defeated by Jhot Gun Joragon. The 2 then return to the creature world after giving the Sugar Canes to Joe.

He was later seen during the Darkness civilization invasion against Nature. He witnessed Tonbo dropping into the Darkness true duel grounds and teared when Bonto was mortally wounded by a Direct attack from 卍 De Szark 卍 ordered by Zeero.

Creature Forms

His appearance is based on the following cards;


  • She shares the same voice actor as Helen and Tech.

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