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Toshiaki Takayama
Japanflag.png タカヤマトシアキ
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Toshiaki Takayama is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game, and is among one of the most long-running ones.

Each card in the DMC-44 Endless All Delete and DMC-56 The Samurai Legend decks were illustrated by Toshiaki Takayama.

He illustrates many cards that are related to Zakira, such as Necrodragon Guljeneraid, Supernova Apollonus Dragerion and Romanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye.

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List of cards illustrated by Toshiaki Takayama

Cards illustrated under the name of "Toshiaki Takayama".


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DMART-02 Fabulous Art: BOLSHACK by Toshiaki Takayama


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