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Toru Kamiya
神谷かみや とおる
Civilization(s) Water Water Nature Nature
Voice Actor Cam Clarke Wikipedia (English)
福山 潤
Jun Fukuyama Wikipedia (Japanese)

Toru Kamiya is a trainee at the Junior Duelist Center and was once Shobu's rival.


Season 1[]

In Episode 3 he went to Maruo Kadoko's card-shop hoping to find Shobu. Shobu wasn't there so instead he left behind a note.

"Dear Shobu, your Duel Masters deck stinks and your father was a second rate player. Meet me in the park at 10AM tomorrow for a duel. Your sworn mortal enemy, Toru"

Before the duel started he got hurt after dueling with Kyoshiro Kokujo. Shobu began to duel Kokujo thinking he was Toru, until Knight discovered Toru in the bushes. After he was conscious he warned Shobu about him, running away and leaving his cards behind and telling Shobu "Good luck with the evil maniac".

In Episode 8 he meets up again with Shobu in a tournament, but loses the duel. After the duel however they become friends.

Duel Masters: Star Cross[]

In the manga, he along with Jamira and other duelists watches the live news broadcast of Shobu's final duel against Adam and cheers for him to win.


Season 1[]

He plays a Water and Nature civilization deck.

Duel Masters: Birth of the Super Dragons[]