Tokyopop Cine-manga: Volume 5
Goblin Gone Wild cinemanga
Release: April 1st, 2005
Pages: 96
Publisher: Tokyopop
Previous: Volume 4

Goblin Gone Wild is the 5th volume of the Duel Masters Cine-Manga series.

It was based on the first season episodes of the Duel Masters Anime, "A Goblin Shall Lead Them" and "Shobu Gets Decked".


When Shobu arrives at the world-class duelist training center, he's only interested in a showdown with top duelist Hakuoh. Shobu's one-track mind leads him to a mischievous goblin guarding a hidden temple, where Shobu needs to win 50 duels before he can challenge Hakuoh. But that's a lot of fighting—even for Shobu—and when he gets knocked around, his friends are nowhere to be found. Will anyone be there to give Shobu a hand? Don't get too relaxed, Hakuoh—you can bet that Shobu's coming after you!

Book Details

This issue had a reprint as well.

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