The Tokyopop Cine-manga was released between 2004 and 2005 for the English market after the success of the first anime season. This series is part of the Duel Masters Books merchandise.

Only 5 volumes of this cine-manga was released. All of these volumes also had reprints.

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Shobu Kirifuda is a young boy whose father Shori was a master at the art of kaijudo (“The Way of the Monster”). After his father mysteriously disappears, Shobu takes up his father’s deck and begins competing in tournaments.

He soon discovers that, like his father, he has the ability to access another world where the monsters and powers represented on the cards are real, and are summoned during duels. As he graduates from playing in the cafeteria to high–level tournaments, he soon becomes involved in battles against Knight, the reigning world champion of Kaijudo, and the evil duelists of the mysterious Temple, whose Master is determined to destroy the monster dimension once and for all.


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