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Tokkyu 8
トッキュー8 (Tokkyu 8)
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Tokkyu 8 is a regulation format introduced after DM-32 Evolution Saga.


It uses the contents of 4 Booster Packs to create a deck.

As the contents of the DM-32 set is equal to 1/5 for the balance of included civilizations, the playstyles of the deck for beatdown as well as control can be unstable. As amounts of Removal can be limited, cards that take effort such as Ultimate evolution can be be sucessful.

Many other TCGs have limited formats where decks are created from cards that you opened from new booster packs.

  • It can be seen as an easier version of the Booster Draft format where decisions of the wanted card as its passed around is performed.

In this format and Limit 10, it is possible to have a deck that contains 5 or more of the same card. Also, if a psychic creature was included, it starts in the Hyperspatial Zone, so you begin the game with less than 40 cards.

This type of tournament had also been held during the Victory V season of the Duel Masters anime, and the Hall of Fame wasn't used.