• Several White Knight cards in DM-33 are based on the characters in the 300 movie, a fictionalized retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae within the Persian Wars. This card is named after Dillios, a Spartan hoplite who loses one of his eye. He's also the narrator of the movie, since the entire movie is basically a flashback stories told by him to convince the Spartan Council.
  • This card is in a mega cycle of Light Civilization creatures that have a mana cost of 2, 3000 power, the Blocker Blocker ability as well only being unable to attack your opponent.
Name: Race:
Emerald GrassStarlight Tree
Sarius, Vizier of SuppressionInitiate
Belix, the ExplorerGladiator
Rabbillion, Protection SpiritSaint Head
Sir De Ashis, Mystic Light Mecha KingGreat Mecha King
Tirios, White Knight OracleLight Bringer
Tigunus, Saint Bell WingsJustice Wing
Tirios, White Knight Oracle
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