The Flavor Text located on many cards across the different sets actually tell a story of the wars and alliances between the five Civilizations. This page documents the various significant events that occur during the "plot", based on what can be drawn from flavor text.

Base Set

  • Prior to the Great Explosion, the five civilizations were at peace.
  • During one fateful night, the Fiona Woods was bathed in a strange aurora.

Evo-Crushinators of Doom

  • The Great Explosion occurs, causing several earthquakes and wreaking havoc on the planet's environment. This is also known as "the cataclysm".
  • The first victims of the Explosion were the Darkness civilization and their underground cities. The Darkness invades the surface world and attacks Fiona Woods, the heart of the Nature realm.
  • The Water civilization's underwater city collapses, and the civilization invades the Fire realm for easy conquest.
  • Silver Fist forms the Silver Hair tribe to defend the forest against the invading Parasite Worms.

Rampage of the Super Warriors

  • Darkness brings forth Demon Commands to crush the Silver Hair tribe.
  • Nature's Giants awaken to defend the Nature realm.
  • Humans and Dragonoids in the Fire realm band together to fend off the invading Water forces.

Shadowclash of Blinding Night

  • The Light civilization, which has been unaffected by the cataclysm and watching what happens on the surface, teams up with the Nature civilization to defend the forests.
  • Darkness recruits Fire to begin an assault on Light's airborne city. Light is forced to retreat to defend against the attack.
  • Water remains neutral to the Light and Dark factions, lending aid to both.

Survivors of the Megapocalypse

Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath

Thundercharge of Ultra Destruction

Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

Fatal Brood of Infinite Ruin

Shockwaves of the Shattered Rainbow

Blast-O-Splosion of Gigantic Rage

Thrash of the Hybrid Megacreatures

Eternal Phoenix

Generate Gear

  • A new time of peace is forged between the five civilizations. During this time, new technologies are developed.

Secret of Hidden Gear

  • A secret technique, 'Accelerating,' has been uncovered, further refining the potency of the Cross Gears. Some have begun to dedicate themselves to them, while others lost respect for them.

Origin of Perfect Gear

The Over-Technocross

  • Despite being forgotten about, the Cross Gear's power keeps growing, leading five of them to evolve into the Catastrophe Cross Gears, thus creating Evolution Cross Gear.
  • The power between them is immense, disrupting the seas, burning the earth, and causing mass destruction all around them.
  • The destruction is so great that the Gears rip through Space and Time, creating black holes that swallow almost everything.
  • The survivors seal the gears away to protect themselves from the destructive power.
  • After ten thousand years have passed, Phoenixes from the Universe will appear and begin a new generation's war.

Spectacle Nova

The Ultimate Nova

  • The Great Mecha Kings turn their focus on the Tyranno Drake race and invade their home: the Crystal Tower, which is a source of tremendous energy.
  • Both sides seek a resource to maintain their armies. The Drakes, lead by Dolzabard, Superior Dragonic Phoenix, attempt to defend their home against the machine army.
  • Despite their might, the Great Mecha Kings became too much for the Tyranno Drakes and they were overwhelmed, losing many of their number. The spectators of this event, the Grand Devils, take note of this as the remaining Tyranno Drakes make their way to Skull Castle, home of the Grand Devils. Noting the similarities between the two races, a desperate Dolzabard proposes an alliance. Facing a crisis in the evolving technology, the Tyranno Drakes and the Grand Devils form an alliance.

History of Devil Nova

  • In order to counter the Great Mecha Kings, The Grand Devils attempt to preform the art of resurrection via the Inferno Gate, to bring back to life old races. Despite the art being incomplete, they manage to bring back Ancient Creatures such as Jumasol, Bloodcurdling Fuuma, and Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits, who due to this in-completion mutated into Death Arcadia, Devil Saint.
  • With this resurrection art, the joint army of the Grand Devils and the Tyranno Drakes manage to exact their revenge against their enemies, capturing the attention of the Phoenixes.
  • Not able to leave the situation alone, the Phoenixes act, sending troops to invade the home of the Grand Devils. There, they discover Death Arcadia who they realize never existed 10 thousand years ago. Growing in strength, Death Arcadia proves to be a match for the Phoenixes.

The Dragonic Nova

  • By the actions of the Dreammates, events begin to unravel. They uncovered that the tear of time and space at the entrance of The Universe Gate had enlarged.
  • From the expanded rift, small "Comet" Phoenixes begin to emerge. While small, they are still powerful Phoenixes.

The End of the Universe

Violence Heaven

Violence Creator

Dragonic Wars

Perfect Heaven

Battle Galaxy

  • The thousand years of peace ends.
  • The Sengoku Saga arrives, where a great war between the Samurai, masters over Cross Gears and the Knights, masters over Spells, begins. There are 4 houses of the Knights: the shady Mystic Light, consisting of Knights from both the Light and Darkness civilization, the destructive Demonic Eye, solely from the Darkness civilization, the sly Ice Fang from the Water civilization, and the Thunder, the Light house of judgement and executions.
  • The Samurai and Knights show their mastery over Cross Gears and Spells with the Samurai Generation and Knight Magic abilities, along with their specially owned Cross Gears with the Samurai race and Spells with the Knight race.
  • While they mainly support each other, some other Knights and certain Samurai aim to cripple the other faction.

Lock-on Heroes

Ultra Duel

Greatest Champion

Evolution Saga

Rising Dragon

Cross Generation

Neverending Saga

Psychic Shock

Dark Emperor

Angelic Wars

Psychic Splash

Episode 1: First Contact

  • After the 5 civilizations combined to destroy Devil Diabolos Zeta, Evil Awakened, the world believed it had regained peace. However, that peace did not last long.
  • Darkness Yagijou started to see dark omens in what was supposed to be a peaceful world. When strange, new creatures attacked, he understood that the world was starting to move in the direction he had foreseen.
  • The bodies of aliens were highly abnormal. They had no eyes, large mouths, and orbs that gave off a glowing light were wedged into their skin. Creatures attacked by the aliens sustained many wounds. Those wounds tinged with fervor and shone with great heat. Not a single creature has fully healed from those wounds.
  • The aliens attacked starting with the strongest.
  • The ones attacked by the aliens swore revenge. The Hunters boasted incredible power.
  • Chosen Aliens gain even greater psychic power. The power of Psychic Link. The Hunters stole this ability.
  • When the Aliens attacked, a vast number of fangs of the Dead Sea Dragon rained down like a hail of bullets. A single one of these annihilated the castle of the White Knights.
  • The Hunters unleashed the Raging Dragon Lord upon the aliens. Even the aliens were nothing in the face of it.

Episode 1: Dark Side

Episode 1: Gaial Victory

Episode 1: Rising Hope

Episode 2: Golden Age

Episode 2: Victory Rush

Episode 2: Golden Dragon

Episode 2: Great Miracle

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