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==[[Gacharange Series]]==
==[[Gacharange Series]]==
*''Main Article: [[Timeline/Gacharange Series]]''
*''Main Article: [[Timeline/Gacharange Series]]''
==Duel Masters Creature World Map Gallery==
''<gallery position="center">
''<gallery position="center">
DM Creature World Map.jpg
DM Creature World Map.jpg

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Background Story
Japanflag 背景ストーリー
(Haikei Sutōrī)
New DM Creature World Map
Timeline refers to the background story told through the flavor text on cards.

It details a story about a mysterious planet, commonly referred to as the "Creature World" where great and mystical creatures live.


This world is divided by the five Civilizations;

The stories tell about the wars and alliances between the civilizations and/or races, and the many Heroes and Villains that have made their impact on this world.

The timelines below don't cover all specific details in the timeline, (As not all creatures appear in it) but it covers all which were written in flavor text of cards, as well as those details in official books and bonus cards (starting with DMR-14).

The timeline isn't an accurate description to a creature card's actual power, as many creatures such as Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope and Supernova Black Hole Thanatos are depicted as much stronger in the background story than their real life cards.

Beginner's Block / Fighting Spirit Saga

Holy Fist Saga

Reincarnation Saga

Phoenix Saga

God Apex Saga

Sengoku Saga

Divine Evolution Saga

Psychic Shock

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Dragon Saga


Revolution Final

Duel Masters (DMRP Block)

Twinpact Series

Gacharange Series

Duel Masters Creature World Map Gallery

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