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This is a list of events that happened in the background story during Holy Fist Saga.

The events on this page take place at DM-10 to DM-13. Since the English game discontinued midway, what happened after DM-12 in the TCG is unknown.



  • Multicolored spells are developed with the magic that fuses civilizations. These spells are so powerful that they broke the barrier of common sense as they created the power of many civilizations as they were cast.
  • As rainbow had become a trend, those who were not fused with civilizations were left in time, so creatures started to hate the Multicolored creatures.
  • A cooperative assault force known as Wave Strikers, led by Kilstine, Nebula Elemental started to hunt the world of the Multicolored creatures and tried to kill every single one of them regardless of who they are. These were known as the infinite army and had terrifying powers that bonded with each other.


Eternal Phoenix

  • Under the fearful rule of the Avatars, the civilizations attempted the forbidden attempt to Fuse enemy civilizations. These Multicolored creatures were more powerful than the rainbow creatures and fought valiantly, but they were easily defeated by the avatars. The world is now enveloped into an aura of despair.
  • Then suddenly Senkai erupted.
  • The sixth "king", Eternal Phoenix, Phoenix of the Dragonflame, appears from the eruption. Its power burns up Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope, Aura Pegasus, Avatar of Life, and Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate.
  • Eternal Phoenix then fights the remaining kings, Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom and Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity, for about a week, during which many lives are lost due to many natural disasters. It eventually wins after the 8th day and a ball of rainbow explodes. Then the ashes that cover the world disappeared and the world is surrounded with rainbow.
  • Since then, the avatars were never seen again.
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