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Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation
Civilization: DarknessDarkness.png
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 3
Race: Ghost
English Text:

■ Whenever your opponent's puts a card into their mana zone, tap it.

Japanese Text:

■ 相手はカードをマナゾーンに置く時、タップして置く。

Power: 1000
Flavor Texts: 王が残した遺産の一つを、この影は密かに受け継いでいた。 This shadow secretly took control of the King's lost inheritance. (DM-14, DMX-01)
相手よりこちらの方が素早く動けるならば、それは勝ったも同然だろう。 If you can move faster than your opponent, you have already won. (DMX-10)
グレンモルトの持つ2本の龍剣に壊滅されかけた闇文明。しかし、不死の死神、デスシラズは更なる力と罪を得てレースへと舞い戻ってきた。 The Darkness Civilization was about to be completely devastated by the two swords owned by Glenmalt. However, the Reaper of Immortality, Deathshiraz returned to the race with further enhanced power and sins. (DMX-18)
ボルメテウス・ホワイト・ドラゴンの両肩にある『BW-キャノン』。ここから発せられる億千度の炎が、相手の防壁を焼き尽くすのだ。 On the shoulders of Bolmeteus Steel Dragon lies the "BW Cannon". A thousand billion degrees flame emanates from them which burns the shields of the opponent. (DMD-24)
トリック、オア、トリート! どっちにしろマナにイタズラしちゃうもんねー! Trick or treat! In any case, your mana still ends up tricked! --─Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation (DMX-24)
新たな力、クロスギアは、クリーチャーが装備できる武具。進化したそのオーバーテクノロジーが超獣世界を崩壊に導く。A new force, cross gear, is a weapon that a creature can equip. The evolved overtechnology led the creature world into collapse. (DMEX-01)
Mana: 1
Illustrators: Ippei Soeda
Other Card Information: