Tigernitro, Explosive Devil
爆霊魔ばくれいま タイガニトロ
Civilization: DarknessDarkness
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  4
Race: Funky Knightmare
English Text: Mana Arms 5: At the end of each of your turns, if you have 5 or more darkness cards in your mana zone, your opponent chooses a card in his hand and discards the rest.
Japanese Text: ■ マナ武装5:自分のターンの終わりに、自分のマナゾーンに闇のカードが5枚以上あれば、相手は自身の手札から1枚選び、残りを捨てる。 
Power:  4000
Flavor Texts: ところ構わず爆破を続けたタイガマイトだったがついに爆弾切れ...。だが、マナ武装を強化することで霊を火薬化する能力を身につけた。これをニトロ爆撃と呼ぶ。 Tigermite continued to explode things but he ran out of dynamite... So he used the power of Mana Arms reinforced spirits who were turned into bombs and equipped them. This is called nitro bombing. (DMR-14)
ヘルボロフ、デッドゾーン、ドルマゲドンX。主君を変えつつも、闇系コントロールデッキを支え続ける名脇役。Hellborof, Deadzone, Dormageddon X. Despite changing their master, they continue to support darkness control decks. (DMEX-06)
Mana: 1
Illustrators: Kutay
Tutui Misa
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