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Theme Decks are a prebuilt product.


These decks often focuses on a pair of civilizations, a specific strategy or are themed after a character from the Duel Masters anime series.



In the English game, Theme Decks are generally created using simpler cards, generally those of the Common and Uncommon rarity, with possibly a Rare card printed in foil as a Promotional Holo. The exclusion of rarer or more advanced cards is possibly in order to have beginners learn how to play the game easier and to encourage the player to boost the deck using more powerful cards available in booster packs.


In the Japanese game, earlier Theme Decks were based around more simple cards just like in the TCG, but unlike in the TCG, theme decks were usually constructed with a few rare cards along with uncommon and common cards, and usually have at least one Very Rare in their content. Early decks which were themed after anime and manga characters usually had "Power-up Packs" based around reinforcing the deck.

In later periods of the franchise, a type of theme deck known as a "Super Deck" were created. Instead of focusing around weaker and more beginner-oriented creatures, "Super Decks" were based around more advanced creatures and strategies, and some "Super Decks" were even capable of taking care of themselves in the competitive metagame after a few modifications. DMD starter decks followed the same pattern as previous Duel Masters Theme Decks, Which contained both regular Theme Decks and Super Decks alike, but regular theme decks have much more powerful and also have more original content.

While early theme decks were considered weak and lackluster due to compulsory compartments such as Terror Pit and Faerie Life rarely being printed, as well as low synergy between cards, after the releases of Edge of Dragon and Mars Flash, theme decks became more consistent and powerful.

English Theme Decks[]

DM-01 Base Set[]

DM-04 Shadowclash of Blinding Night[]

Shadowclash Collector Tin

DM-06 Stomp-A-Trons of Invincible Wrath[]

DM-08 Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos[]

DM-10 Shockwaves of the Shattered Rainbow[]

Japanese Theme Decks[]

Starter Deck Series[]

Super Deck Series[]

Transform Deck Series[]

Chronicle Deck Series[]

Masters Chronicle Deck

Chronicle Legacy Deck

Ultimate Chronicle Deck

Chronicle Final Wars Deck

20th Chronicle Deck

CoroCoro Comic Appendix Deck[]

Shokugan Deck[]

Entry Deck Series[]

Prebuilt Starter Set[]

Half Deck[]

Other Prebuilt Decks[]