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The Over Eggplant-cross
(Shumatsu Nasuo Daisen)
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The Over Eggplant-cross is a slang term used for referring to DM-17 The Over-Technocross.


This term was first coined after the release of DM-17 The Over-Technocross where the only card considered useful at the time was Dandy Nasuo. The Super Rares and Very Rare cards were considered useless and with the exception of Grand Cross Catastrophe and Tsunami Catastrophe which were used in various decks, other Evolution Cross Gear weren't used due to their sheer difficulty to set up and their overkill effects.

However, cards such as Ochappi, Pure Hearted Faerie, Dual Shock Dragon and Mind Reset later became useful in competitive play.

Later on, the term continued to be used as slang for dissapointing card power in booster packs at the end of a block. This is due to the end of a block that will usually feature mechanics that were considered overkill or high-risk-high-return, such as Ultimate evolution MAX and Super Infinite evolution Omega.

Sets with weaker card pools usually end up with lower sales and avoidance by players due to the probability of obtaining weaker cards.

Examples of end-block sets with weaker card pools compared to the rest of the block


  • Without a partial amount of the DM-17 katakana, this slang term would be translated as "Doomsday Nasuo Great War".