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テキスト (Text)
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Text refers to the sentences that are written on the Card Frame, underneath the Card Type and above the mana number and power.


"Rules Text" defines the abilities of a card, "Reminder Text" explains keywords and ability words, and "Flavor Text" refers to the background story.

Rules text is not always constant, and some can differ slightly even for the same ability between different sets. For example, there is 「タップされていない」 (Not tapped) and 「アンタップされている」 (Has been tapped) to refer to untapped creatures. As a result, reprinted cards often have changed text.

As a general rule, if the text of the same card is changed for a reprint, the card should be treated to use the latest versions card text (see Errata). However, this is not true is the reprinted card has a misprint (such as Perfect Galaxy, Immortality Elemental being a spell instead of a creature, or having Silent Skill instead of Shield Force.)

Some card texts such as Chaos Fish or Chain Deathmatch can have complicated text to comprehend, so in order to prevent misunderstanding, players should fully understand the card before playing them in a game.

On occasion, some cards have illustrations or foil effects that may pop out of the frame making it difficult to read, reminder text explaining keyword abilities may be omitted due to the rarity of the card, or cards written in Forbidden Characters. To rectify this issue, other printed editions of the cards or the card list on the official websites could be checked.

Although the flavor text is written in the same area as the effect text is found, it has no effect on the game, and is usually just referred to as "flavor".

There is card text on most cards, but some creatures have none and are commonly called Vanilla.

Rockman EXE & Katta and Parlock ~Crossword~ have uniquely special card text, that varies based on different conditions being met. Please Marry Me!! also features 2 abilities in its text (including a keyword), but they have no effect on the game state. The text written on Great Thanks is written vertically, but it's not treated as an ability or flavor text.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 205. Text Box
    • 205.1. The text box is printed on the lower half of the card. It usually contains rules text defining the card’s abilities.
      • 205.1a In the case of keyword abilities, keywords may be entered before text. When referring to text, skip keywords and do not refer.

        Example: When a "Kuromame Danshaku / Hakumai Danshaku" is in your battle zone, that creature with a labyrinth comes into your opponent's battle zone and that creature is placed in mana zone.

    • 205.2. Text boxes may contain sentences that have no game function.
      • 205.2a Reminder text is enclosed in parentheses that summarizes a rule that applies to that card. It usually appears on the same line as the ability it’s relevant to, but it may appear on its own line if it applies to an aspect of the card other than an ability.
      • 205.2b Flavor text has no game function.
    • 205.3. The mana number behind the text box has no game function.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 205. テキストボックス
    • 205.1. テキストボックスは, カードの下半分にあります.多くの場合, ここにはそのカードの能力を定義するルール文章が書かれています.
      • 205.1a キーワード能力の場合、テキストの前にキーワードが入ることがあります。テキストを参照する時は、キーワード部分は飛ばし、参照しません。:::例:自分のバトルゾーンに《黒豆だんしゃく/白米男しゃく》がいる時、ラビリンスを持つクリーチャーが相手のバトルゾーンに出たらそのクリーチャーはマナゾーンに置かれます。
    • 205.2. テキストボックスには, ゲーム上意味を持たない文章が書かれていることがあります.
      • 205.2a 注釈文は, カッコでくくられた文章で, そのカードに適用されるルールの要約です.通常は対応する能力と同じ行に書かれていますが, 能力ではなくカード全体の注釈の場合, 独立した行に書かれていることもあります.
      • 205.2b フレイバー・テキストは, ゲーム中特に意味を成しません.
    • 205.3. テキストボックスの背後のシンボルは, ゲーム中特に意味を成しません.