Teru Yumemi
夢実ゆめみ テル
Civilization(s) FireFire NatureNature
Family Dai "Papa" Yumemi (Father)
Youka "Mama" Yumemi (Mother)
Cocoro Yumemi (Sister)
Voice Actor 尾崎未來
Miku Ozaki
Signature Card(s) Supernova Mars Disaster

Teru Yumemi is the main protagonist of the Duel Masters Flash season of the Duel Masters Anime.


He has an older sister Cocoro, and a mother Youka and father Dai. He is a level 8 Duelist. He has been defeated by his sister numerous times. He is a shy grade 3 student and on his first day at school he got defeated by Chishio.


Teru's strongest card is Supernova Mars Disaster. His deck features cards from the Fire civilization and Nature civilization, similar to his idol, Shobu Kirifuda.

His deck list contains the same cards as the OCG set, DMC-32 Mars Flash and DMC-33 Edge of Dragon.

Deck 1

Deck 2

Teru also had another strong card that he won against Owl in his bravery test. Supernova Ixion Burning Rave this card was only won but was not used in any other duel because he was destined to get another stronger card this was just a prize of his bravery. Teru later handed this card to Rei as one of the conquest cards that Rei was already after due to mysterious reason of ARC. Toward the end of the season Rei gave it back to Teru and told him to use when you don't have the strength of any other strong card.

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