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Terror appeared in the Star Cross series of the Manga.


She is the only female member of Adam's guards and is the second guard who duels. She appears as a young woman with pink hair who wears a glass helmet that is covering her head.

She used Shobu and other people as a hostage in a "Terror Room" Where reptiles and insects are crawling. She then starts a "Duel of Terror" with Mimi where if a shield is broken a person will "Go to Hell". She even forces Mimi to choose which person to "Go to Hell" and uses Inaba Geeze, the Explosive and Romanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye to attack. Ash, Rekuta and Shobu were chosen to "Go to Hell".

She then gets persuaded by Ryoga and was defeated by her combo using Aqua Swallow Counter and Holy Gear - Nebula Wing to generate and cross Galaxy Blade - THE FINAL. She was later "Dropped to Hell" by Mimi after a direct attack by Mimi's Aqua Surfer.


She uses a Darkness and Fire Civilization deck based on the Knight race.


She appears on the Heroes Card version of Inaba Geeze, the Explosive.

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