Terradragon Balgazarmas
Civilization: NatureNature
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  5
Race: Earth Dragon
English Text: ■ Whenever one of your creatures that has Dragon in its race attacks, you may reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a Dragon, put it into your hand. If it isn't a Dragon, put it into your mana zone.
Japanese Text: ■ 自分のドラゴンが攻撃する時、自分の山札の上から1枚目を表向きにしてもよい。そのカードがドラゴンの場合、自分の手札に加える。ドラゴンでない場合、自分のマナゾーンに置く。
Power:  5000
Flavor Texts: 強大な敵が現れるたびに、竜は自らの身体を成長させていく。 Each time a mighty foe confronts this dragon, it takes on it's true form. (DM-27)
龍の雄叫びで竜は栄え、大地は潤いを取り戻す。 The roar of this dragon spreads pride and glory to dragons all over the planet, in spades. (DMC-49)
Mana: 1
Illustrators: Kazuo Matsushima
Daisuke Izuka
Sets & Rarity:
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