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Ten Kings
Japanflag じゅうおうへん
(Jū Ō Hen)
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Ten Kings is the 18th block of card sets in the Duel Masters trading card game.

List of Sets

It is composed of sets released after March 14, 2020.





It also features promotional cards from Year 19 as well as SpDeck7 and SpDeck8.




It is a block that is focused on 10 races, each a multicolored pair of 2-civilizations, each with an associated ability and is used by a character in the Duel Masters King anime series.

Civilizations Race Emblem Associated King Master Card Ability Character
FireNature Team Kirifuda Team Kirifuda Momoking, Jonetsu Hero
Momoking, Jonetsu Dragon
Kirifudash Joe Kirifuda
LightFire Team Bomber Team Bomber Dynabolt, Explosive Dragon Emperor Magibomber Bolts
WaterNature Team Wave Team Wave King Manifest Buzzrender Cap
LightWater Team Galaxy Team Galaxy I Am Justice If You Want Galaxyshield Kira
DarknessNature Fushigi Kingdom Fushigi Kingdom Gigandydanos, Big Tree King Fushigiverse Daichourou
DarknessFire Onifuda Kingdom Onifuda Kingdom Jaouga, Onigaoni
Jaouga, Oniga Overlord
Abaku Onifuda
WaterFire Bikkuri Kingdom Bikkuri Kingdom Meteorshower Auroratheater Vividdraw Chouki
LightDarkness Gekko Kingdom Gekko Kingdom Moon, Destruction, Satan and Angel Oshiokimoon Kouki
LightNature Bouken Kingdom Bouken Kingdom Abarechain Saiki
WaterDarkness Team Zero Team Zero Genmu Emperor, Illusionary Dragon
Genmu Emperor, Infinite Dragon
Mugencrime Zero Jr.

The first 6 of these races were featured in DMRP-13 Kirifuda x Onifuda King Wars!!!.

The names of the Water and Darkness race, as well as the abilities and characters of the anime that use these latter 4 races, weren't revealed at the same time and was later introduced in DMRP-15 and DMSD-16.

Dragons that are not Master Dragon or Dragon Guild return and with old Dragon races, such as Zombie Dragon and Armored Dragon.


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DMRP-14 Stage

DMRP-15 Stage

DMRP-16 Stage

Competitive Decks

Important Cards

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  • The block is named after the 10 races (5 Teams and 5 Kingdoms) featured throughout the block. Each of these races is a multicolored combination of 2 civilizations.
  • The concept of this block (a multicolored block consisted of 10 dual-color factions with their own unique mechanics), resembles the Ravnica block from Magic: The Gathering.
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