Ten-Tei Toto
(Heaven Emperor Thoth)
Ten-Ten Toto
Civilization(s) LightLight WaterWater
Affiliation Fua Duelist
Voice Actor 西村朋紘
Tomohiro Nishimura

Ten-Tei Toto was first introduced in the Duel Masters Cross season of the Duel Masters Anime.

He is a member of the Fua Duelists. He is marked as (T) and ranked as 7th in the organization.


He was put in charge of one of the labyrinth fortress hiding Zakira's secrets and also capturing Dr. Root. He has also defeated Mimi in a duel. He appears to be a psychotic kind of person. He was later defeated by Kokujo.

His clothes resemble a clown costume, and he moves around on an electronic wheel-chair with robotic arms. He holds onto a scepter with a "T" on the top of it, with a button on the bottom that can destroy the fortress.


Shobu got his deck stolen in an orphan village in Egypt and won the young leader of the village with his deck as a gamble in a duel. It was turned out that the decks were stolen for them in order to achieve paradise. Toto then appears in the village and has Shobu stay in order to tell something to Shobu, which enrages him and he duels Toto.

In the duel Shobu gathered Valkerios Dragon, Velyrika Dragon and Überdragon Valkyrias but was defeated when he crossed La Byle, Seeker of the Winds with Grand Cross Catastrophe.

At the second time he used tap and bash tactics with Captain Mechagoron and used Osmosis Bullet Soul Skull Hunter to threaten shobu. Then he send out Captain Million-Parts to solidify his field but was defeated by Shobu stacking Bolgalshack, Super Divine Dragoon.


He uses a multicolored Light, Water and Nature deck. His deck is focused on using the Great Mecha King, Mecha Thunder and Shinobi race of cards.


  • His name comes from a mistranslation of the name of the Egyptian God Thoth. True to his name, in the original Fighting Edge manga he holds a "Paradise" in Egypt and calls himself "The God of Knowledge", which is the same title that Thoth has in the Egyptian anime.
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