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Tempo Advantage
テンポアドバンテージ (Tenpo Adobantēji)
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Tempo Advantage is an Advantage term for the pace of playing cards against your opponent.


In Duel Masters, your actions each turn are limited by the number of cards in your mana zone. Creatures are only untapped once a turn, so they are limited to a single attack.

Therefore, by using Mana Acceleration and using your mana efficiently, you can aim to get a tempo advantage over your opponent.

The Bounce or Deck Feed ability from the Water Civilization is good against depriving your opponent of a tempo advantage. While you may be using a card such as Spiral Gate against your opponent's creature in a 1 for 1 trade, you have likely spent less mana than your opponent.

By using the Mana Acceleration from the Nature Civilization, you can quickly gain tempo, leaving you to play Heavyweight finishers in the earlier turns.

  • Rush, Beatdown and Mana burn decks all attempt to win the game with a tempo advantage, aiming to win the game while your opponent has limited options to respond.
  • A balanced Mana Curve is important during deck construction in order to keep tempo. If too many Fatty creatures are included, the deck has limited options if the Mana Acceleration cards aren't drawn.

It is sometimes also referred to as Time Advantage.