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Note: A new race must be added into the template above and the table below.

This is currently used by the following templates;



(Currently isn't as it conflicts with the colored names. No clue how to fix. May not be able.)


Refer to the following table for usage;

Input: Output:
{{RaceTable|2016 Calendar}} 2016 Calendar
{{RaceTable|???}} ???
{{RaceTable|Alien}} Alien
{{RaceTable|Angel Command}} Angel Command
{{RaceTable|Angel Command Dragon}} Angel Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Angel Dragon}} Angel Dragon
{{RaceTable|Apollonia Dragon}} Apollonia Dragon
{{RaceTable|Arc Seraphim}} Arc Seraphim
{{RaceTable|Armored Dragon}} Armored Dragon
{{RaceTable|Armored Wyvern}} Armored Wyvern
{{RaceTable|Armorloid}} Armorloid
{{RaceTable|Balloon Mushroom}} Balloon Mushroom
{{RaceTable|Beast Command}} Beast Command
{{RaceTable|Beast Folk}} Beast Folk
{{RaceTable|Beast Folk Go}} Beast Folk Go
{{RaceTable|Beat Jockey}} Beat Jockey
{{RaceTable|Berserker}} Berserker
{{RaceTable|Berserker Dragon}} Berserker Dragon
{{RaceTable|Big Muscle}} Big Muscle
{{RaceTable|Bikkuri Kingdom}} Bikkuri Kingdom Bikkuri Kingdom.png
{{RaceTable|Black Command Dragon}} Black Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Blue Command Dragon}} Blue Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Blue Monster}} Blue Monster
{{RaceTable|Bouken Kingdom}} Bouken Kingdom Bouken Kingdom.png
{{RaceTable|Brain Jacker}} Brain Jacker
{{RaceTable|Brave Spirit}} Brave Spirit
{{RaceTable|Children}} Children
{{RaceTable|Chimera}} Chimera
{{RaceTable|Colony Beetle}} Colony Beetle
{{RaceTable|Cosmo Walker}} Cosmo Walker
{{RaceTable|Creator}} Creator
{{RaceTable|Crystal Command Dragon}} Crystal Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Crystal Dragon}} Crystal Dragon
{{RaceTable|Curry Bread}} Curry Bread
{{RaceTable|Cyber Cluster}} Cyber Cluster
{{RaceTable|Cyber Command}} Cyber Command
{{RaceTable|Cyber Lord}} Cyber Lord
{{RaceTable|Cyber Moon}} Cyber Moon
{{RaceTable|Cyber Virus}} Cyber Virus
{{RaceTable|Cyber Virus Kai}} Cyber Virus Kai
{{RaceTable|Dark Knightmare}} Dark Knightmare
{{RaceTable|Dark Lord}} Dark Lord
{{RaceTable|Dark Monster}} Dark Monster
{{RaceTable|Death Puppet}} Death Puppet
{{RaceTable|Deep Marine}} Deep Marine
{{RaceTable|Deletron}} Deletron
{{RaceTable|Demon Command}} Demon Command
{{RaceTable|Demon Command Dragon}} Demon Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Demon Dragon}} Demon Dragon
{{RaceTable|Demonio}} Demonio
{{RaceTable|Devil Command Dragon}} Devil Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Devil Mask}} Devil Mask
{{RaceTable|Dolszak}} Dolszak
{{RaceTable|Dragon Code}} Dragon Code
{{RaceTable|Dragon Guild}} Dragon Guild
{{RaceTable|Dragon World}} Dragon World
{{RaceTable|Dragonoid}} Dragonoid
{{RaceTable|Dragons Zero}} Dragons Zero
{{RaceTable|Draguner}} Draguner
{{RaceTable|Draguner Dragon}} Draguner Dragon
{{RaceTable|Dreammate}} Dreammate
{{RaceTable|Dreammate Dragon}} Dreammate Dragon
{{RaceTable|Dune Gecko}} Dune Gecko
{{RaceTable|Dynamite Dragon}} Dynamite Dragon
{{RaceTable|Dynamo}} Dynamo
{{RaceTable|Earth Dragon}} Earth Dragon
{{RaceTable|Earth Eater}} Earth Eater
{{RaceTable|Egg}} Egg
{{RaceTable|Elder Dragon}} Elder Dragon
{{RaceTable|Eldrazi}} Eldrazi
{{RaceTable|Emerald Monster}} Emerald Monster
{{RaceTable|Feathernoid}} Feathernoid
{{RaceTable|Fire Bird}} Fire Bird
{{RaceTable|Fire Bird En}} Fire Bird En
{{RaceTable|Fish}} Fish
{{RaceTable|Flame Beast}} Flame Beast
{{RaceTable|Flame Command}} Flame Command
{{RaceTable|Flame Monster}} Flame Monster
{{RaceTable|Forbidden}} Forbidden
{{RaceTable|Forbidden Sonic Command}} Forbidden Sonic Command
{{RaceTable|Funky Knightmare}} Funky Knightmare
{{RaceTable|Funky Knightmare Dragon}} Funky Knightmare Dragon
{{RaceTable|Fushigi Kingdom}} Fushigi Kingdom Fushigi Kingdom.png
{{RaceTable|Gaia Command}} Gaia Command
{{RaceTable|Gaia Command Dragon}} Gaia Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Gaial Command Dragon}} Gaial Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Gang}} Gang
{{RaceTable|Gao Monster}} Gao Monster
{{RaceTable|Gargoyle}} Gargoyle
{{RaceTable|Gekko Kingdom}} Gekko Kingdom Gekko Kingdom.png
{{RaceTable|Gel Fish}} Gel Fish
{{RaceTable|Ghost}} Ghost
{{RaceTable|Giant}} Giant
{{RaceTable|Giant Dragon}} Giant Dragon
{{RaceTable|Giant Insect}} Giant Insect
{{RaceTable|Gladiator}} Gladiator
{{RaceTable|Goblin}} Goblin
{{RaceTable|God}} God
{{RaceTable|God Nova}} God Nova
{{RaceTable|God Nova OMG}} God Nova OMG
{{RaceTable|Grand Devil}} Grand Devil
{{RaceTable|Gransect}} Gransect
{{RaceTable|Gransect Hazard}} Gransect Hazard
{{RaceTable|Great Mecha King}} Great Mecha King
{{RaceTable|Green Command Dragon}} Green Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Guardian}} Guardian
{{RaceTable|Guardian Command Dragon}} Guardian Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Guerrilla Command}} Guerrilla Command
{{RaceTable|Hedrian}} Hedrian
{{RaceTable|Hero}} Hero
{{RaceTable|Hero Dragon}} Hero Dragon
{{RaceTable|Horned Beast}} Horned Beast
{{RaceTable|Human}} Human
{{RaceTable|Human Baku}} Human Baku
{{RaceTable|Human Dragon}} Human Dragon
{{RaceTable|Human Jya}} Human Jya
{{RaceTable|Hunter}} Hunter
{{RaceTable|Idol}} Idol
{{RaceTable|Infinite Dragon}} Infinite Dragon
{{RaceTable|Infinite Master Dragon}} Infinite Master Dragon
{{RaceTable|Initials}} Initials
{{RaceTable|Initials X}} Initials X
{{RaceTable|Initiate}} Initiate
{{RaceTable|Invader}} Invader
{{RaceTable|Invader ZERO}} Invader ZERO
{{RaceTable|Jokers}} Jokers Jokers.png
{{RaceTable|Jokers Dragon}} Jokers Dragon
{{RaceTable|Judgment Emblem}} Judgment Emblem
{{RaceTable|Judgment Emblem Z}} Judgment Emblem Z
{{RaceTable|Jurassic Command Dragon}} Jurassic Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Jurassic Dragon}} Jurassic Dragon
{{RaceTable|Justice Orb}} Justice Orb
{{RaceTable|Justice Wing}} Justice Wing
{{RaceTable|King Command Dragon}} King Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Knight}} Knight
{{RaceTable|Leviathan}} Leviathan
{{RaceTable|Light Bringer}} Light Bringer
{{RaceTable|Liquid People}} Liquid People
{{RaceTable|Liquid People Sen}} Liquid People Sen
{{RaceTable|Living Dead}} Living Dead
{{RaceTable|Lost Crusader}} Lost Crusader
{{RaceTable|Luna's Sun Geyser}} Luna's Sun Geyser
{{RaceTable|Lunatic Emperor}} Lunatic Emperor
{{RaceTable|Machine Eater}} Machine Eater
{{RaceTable|Machine Hero}} Machine Hero
{{RaceTable|Mafi Gang}} Mafi Gang
{{RaceTable|Magic Command}} Magic Command
{{RaceTable|Magic Tool}} Magic Tool
{{RaceTable|Magical Monster}} Magical Monster
{{RaceTable|Master DG}} Master DG
{{RaceTable|Master Dolszak}} Master Dolszak
{{RaceTable|Master Dragon}} Master Dragon Z
{{RaceTable|Master Dragon Z}} Master Dragon Z
{{RaceTable|Master Hazard}} Master Hazard
{{RaceTable|Master Initials}} Master Initials
{{RaceTable|Master Revolutionary}} Master Revolutionary
{{RaceTable|Mecha Del Sol}} Mecha Del Sol
{{RaceTable|Mecha Del Sol Dragon}} Mecha Del Sol Dragon
{{RaceTable|Mecha Thunder}} Mecha Thunder
{{RaceTable|Mega Armored Command Dragon}} Mega Armored Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Mega Command Dragon}} Mega Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Mega Dragon}} Mega Dragon
{{RaceTable|Melt Warrior}} Melt Warrior
{{RaceTable|Merfolk}} Merfolk
{{RaceTable|Metal Command Dragon}} Metal Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Metallica}} Metallica
{{RaceTable|Milkboy}} Milkboy
{{RaceTable|Milkgirl}} Milkgirl
{{RaceTable|Monster}} Monster
{{RaceTable|Mugettsu}} Mugettsu
{{RaceTable|Mutopia}} Mutopia
{{RaceTable|Mystery Totem}} Mystery Totem
{{RaceTable|Naga}} Naga
{{RaceTable|Narrator}} Narrator
{{RaceTable|Neet}} Neet
{{RaceTable|Nitro Dragon}} Nitro Dragon
{{RaceTable|Nyanko}} Nyanko
{{RaceTable|Onifuda Kingdom}} Onifuda Kingdom Onifuda Kingdom.png
{{RaceTable|Oracle}} Oracle
{{RaceTable|Oracle Dragon}} Oracle Dragon
{{RaceTable|Oraclion}} Oraclion
{{RaceTable|Origin}} Origin
{{RaceTable|Outrage}} Outrage
{{RaceTable|Outrage Dragon}} Outrage Dragon
{{RaceTable|Outrage MAX}} Outrage MAX
{{RaceTable|Outrage Nyanko}} Outrage Nyanko
{{RaceTable|Outrage OMG}} Outrage OMG
{{RaceTable|Outrage Wanko}} Outrage Wanko
{{RaceTable|Pandora's Box}} Pandora's Box
{{RaceTable|Parasite Worm}} Parasite Worm
{{RaceTable|Pegasus}} Pegasus
{{RaceTable|Phoenix}} Phoenix
{{RaceTable|Pianist}} Pianist
{{RaceTable|Planeswalker}} Planeswalker
{{RaceTable|Poseidia Dragon}} Poseidia Dragon
{{RaceTable|Rainbow Command Dragon}} Rainbow Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Rainbow Dragon}} Rainbow Dragon
{{RaceTable|Rainbow Phantom}} Rainbow Phantom
{{RaceTable|Red Command Dragon}} Red Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Revolutionary}} Revolutionary
{{RaceTable|Rock Beast}} Rock Beast
{{RaceTable|S-Rank Invader}} S-Rank Invader
{{RaceTable|Sabakist}} Sabakist
{{RaceTable|Saint Head}} Saint Head
{{RaceTable|Samurai}} Samurai
{{RaceTable|Sea Hacker}} Sea Hacker
{{RaceTable|Shine Monster}} Shine Monster
{{RaceTable|Shining Command Dragon}} Shining Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Shinobi}} Shinobi
{{RaceTable|Shinobi Dragon}} Shinobi Dragon
{{RaceTable|Snow Faerie}} Snow Faerie
{{RaceTable|Snow Faerie Dragon}} Snow Faerie Dragon
{{RaceTable|Snow Faerie Kaze}} Snow Faerie Kaze
{{RaceTable|Soltrooper}} Soltrooper
{{RaceTable|Sonic Command}} Sonic Command
{{RaceTable|Sonic Command Dragon}} Sonic Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Soul Command}} Soul Command
{{RaceTable|Special Climax}} Special Climax
{{RaceTable|Special Thanks}} Special Thanks
{{RaceTable|Specials}} Specials
{{RaceTable|Spirit Quartz}} Spirit Quartz
{{RaceTable|Spirit Quartz Dragon}} Spirit Quartz Dragon
{{RaceTable|Splash Queen}} Splash Queen
{{RaceTable|Splash Queen Dragon}} Splash Queen Dragon
{{RaceTable|Spriggan}} Spriggan
{{RaceTable|Starlight Tree}} Starlight Tree
{{RaceTable|Starnoid}} Starnoid
{{RaceTable|Sumo Wrestler Command}} Sumo Wrestler Command
{{RaceTable|Sumo Wrestler Command Dragon}} Sumo Wrestler Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Survivor}} Survivor
{{RaceTable|Team Acme}} Team Acme
{{RaceTable|Team Bomber}} Team Bomber Team Bomber.png
{{RaceTable|Team Damama}} Team Damama
{{RaceTable|Team Doremi}} Team Doremi
{{RaceTable|Team Ginga}} Team Ginga Team Ginga.png
{{RaceTable|Team Hamukatsu}} Team Hamukatsu
{{RaceTable|Team Imen}} Team Imen
{{RaceTable|Team Kirifuda}} Team Kirifuda Team Kirifuda.png
{{RaceTable|Team Tech}} Team Tech
{{RaceTable|Team Wave}} Team Wave Team Wave.png
{{RaceTable|Team Zero}} Team Zero Team Zero.png
{{RaceTable|The Answer}} The Answer
{{RaceTable|Tree Folk}} Tree Folk
{{RaceTable|Tricks}} Tricks
{{RaceTable|Trinity Command}} Trinity Command
{{RaceTable|Tristone}} Tristone
{{RaceTable|Tyranno Drake}} Tyranno Drake
{{RaceTable|Unknown}} Unknown
{{RaceTable|Unnoise}} Unnoise
{{RaceTable|Vehicle Bee}} Vehicle Bee
{{RaceTable|Volcano Dragon}} Volcano Dragon
{{RaceTable|White Command Dragon}} White Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|Wild Veggies}} Wild Veggies
{{RaceTable|Wonder Trick}} Wonder Trick
{{RaceTable|Wonderforce}} Wonderforce
{{RaceTable|World Bird}} World Bird
{{RaceTable|World Command}} World Command
{{RaceTable|World Command Dragon}} World Command Dragon
{{RaceTable|World Dragon}} World Dragon
{{RaceTable|World Idol}} World Idol
{{RaceTable|Xenoparts}} Xenoparts
{{RaceTable|Zenith}} Zenith
{{RaceTable|Zerolist}} Zerolist
{{RaceTable|Zero Dragon}} Zero Dragon
{{RaceTable|Zombie Dragon}} Zombie Dragon