Refer to the following table for usage;

Input: Output:
{{Icon|Block}} Blocker
{{Icon|ST}} Shield Trigger
{{Icon|Tap}} Tap Ability
{{Icon|SV}} Survivor
{{Icon|SVold}} Survivor
{{Icon|TR}} Turbo Rush
{{Icon|SS}} Silent Skill
{{Icon|WS}} Wave Striker
{{Icon|MM}} Metamorph
{{Icon|ACC}} Accelerator
{{Icon|SB}} Strike Back
{{Icon|FE}} Fort Energy
{{Icon|TT}} Thrilling Three
{{Icon|OD}} Over Drive
{{Icon|SF}} Shield Force
{{Icon|KM}} Knight Magic
{{Icon|BB}} Break Bonus
{{Icon|HF}} Holy Field
{{Icon|SR}} Soul Recall
{{Icon|MT}} Marshall Touch
{{Icon|NC}} No Choice
{{Icon|SD}} Solemn Duty
{{Icon|SC}} Space Charge
{{Icon|DS}} Denjara Switch
{{Icon|S}} Super Shield Trigger
{{Icon|Sw}} Super Shield Trigger
{{Icon|SST}} Super Shield Trigger
{{Icon|KIZ}} Kizuna
{{Icon|MD}} Mana Drive
{{Icon|SG}} Shield Go
{{Icon|DoubleBreaker}} Double Breaker
{{Icon|TripleBreaker}} Triple Breaker
{{Icon|PoweredBreaker}} Powered Breaker
{{Icon|GS}} Guard Strike
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