Civilization(s) WaterWater DarknessDarkness
Affiliation Team Tech
Voice Actor 冨岡美沙子
Misako Tomioka

Tech, also known as Tech, "Question 1" is a Revolutionary creature spirit that was introduced in the Versus Revolution Final season of the Duel Masters Anime. He is Benchan's creature partner.


Tech, "Question 1" in the anime

As Tech, "Question 1" in the duel field

In his physical form, he resembles a jellyfish. He has a box head and taped tentacles to fit in the cybernetic theme of his race. He has the mark of Team Tech on his forehead.

As Tech Up, "Question 1", his cybernetic design on his head is more complex. His head is big enough to contain a miniature copy version of himself.


Like Damama, he does not speak in complete words and sentences. He often makes beeping noises as part of his speech and moves his hand around like he was typing a computer. He was able to say a few words which were understandable among other humans and creature spirits.

Like Benchan, he was quite logical and was capable of using advanced technology and understanding of higher study topics.


Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final

Tech and Benchan

Tech and Benchan's first meeting

He first met Benchan when he flew into his room during the time Benchan missed his former partner Robby. He and Benchan eventually form a partnership.

He first appears when Benchan displays his card to the group. He was then used in Benchan's duel against Kojiro.

Before the creature event, Team Hamukatsu tries to delay him by using a magnet to attract him. Ironically, this does not work on Tech despite being a robot. He stormed off to the stadium along with Doremi, angry at Hamukatsu for delaying them and got into a fight among each other.

Tech and Benchan's reconciliation

Tech and Benchan's tearful reconciliation

Sometime after Katta and Team Hamukatsu has returned from training, Tech and Benchan's deck was left behind in Lulu's card shop. He later told the group that Benchan was thinking of quitting dueling as he was about to leave for America to pursue his studies and dream. Katta hatches a plan to help Tech in regaining Benchan's passion and he was returned to Benchan in his card form. In the duel, his upgraded form, Tech Up, "Question 1" was used. As Benchan knows that he had lost due to Final Dogiragolden's lockdown effect, he tearfully apologizes to Tech for leaving him behind.

Due to Katta losing his powers to commune with creature spirits after the final battle, he tearfully says goodbye to Benchan as he has to be sent back to his own home in the creature realm. He was seen using a miniature laptop in the spaceship.

Card Representations


  • Unlike the other creature spirits, with the exception of Bosskatsu and Katsuemon, his card was not owned by Benchan yet before Katta's "Victory Mode" pluses affect them. This might also apply to Hamukatsu, who was affected by the pulses and turn into a card later on by Bosskatsu.
  • Despite being a creature robot, he is not magnetic.
  • She shares the same voice actor as Helen and Totento.
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