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Team Tensai Katta's leader is a team of duelists that is lead by Katta Kirifuda.


The group consists of 3 members:


Duel Masters Victory

Yohdel and Bucchake joined Katta after finding out that he is Shobu's brother and they thought they he will be a bog shot but turns out that he hates his brother and is unfamiliar with Duel Masters card game. But due to his friendly nature they became his friends. Then one day Katta was challenged by Dragon Ryu from Team Dragon and Katta decided to defeat him in a duel, so they joined there first regional tournament "Triple Dash Victory Tournament". They made it to the finals of that tournament but in the end they lost against Team Dragon.

Then they all trained after finding out that Ryu is participating in the "Duel Carnival Tournament". After their training the joined the tournament and made it to the semi finals where Yohdel and Bucchake lost against Shachihoko a top member of Shachihoko Group who have joined this tournament as Team Shachihoko with their top members only participating.

Katta then avenged his friends by defeating Shachihoko and making it to the finals. Katta finds out that their rival team "Team Dragon" could not make it to the finals. Their team leader Ryu told Katta everything about themselves and that their goal is to save their princess Prin Prin, the Eternal who is given out as a prize card for this tournament. Now Team Tensai Katta's leader Katta is going up against Team Shachihoko's leader Onsen for the finals. After Katta's victory in the duel carnival and the Aliens that makes up Gallows Hellish Dragon, Brink of Despair appears, the team plus Benchan worked together to defeat it, saving the creature world.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution

Team Tensai Katta in Benchan's flashback

Even though the team was disbanded, they still together as friends and made a promise that they will be the strongest duelists in the Duel Masters World.