Team Dragon is a group of duelists featured in Duel Masters Victory that is lead by Dragon Ryu.

List of Members

The team consists of the following 3 members:


They have actually come from the creature world to save their princess, Prin Prin, the Eternal. She was an Alien who had shared her race with the Hunters and has the power to support both races. She is an controversial figure in the creature world who can change the tide of war and bring victory to in the war between the 2 races.

Aliens who have originally invaded the creature world from outer space and are gaining the powers of other races have grown ever so powerful and Prin Prin who was originally one of them is taking the hunters side is bringing war between the two races. She was sent into human world by Ryusei the Forever Kaiser in order to protect her. Then, Ryusei the Forever Kaiser with his two followers Sakon Pippi and Ukon Pippi went to the human world to find her.


Team Dragon's first victory was against Team Tensai Katta in the regional "Triple Dash Victory Tournament". Then they found out through the "Dash Headquarters" that Prin Prin is a prize card for the "Duel Carnival Tournament". They joined the tournament and made it to the semi finals but then their team leader Dragon Ryu was defeated by Shachihoko Group's leader Onsen who joined the tournament with his group's top members as "Team Shachihoko". They are also after the Prin Prin prize card.

Now Team Tensai Katta's team leader Katta who also consider Dragon Ryu as his rival have made it to the finals and is going to go against Onsen. Dragon Ryu, who was desperate to save their princes told his rival Katta everything about himself and wants Katta to save their princess. He then turned back into his card form and asked Katta to use him in the battle against Onsen as he has failed to stop Onsen alone.


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