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Team Acme
Japanflag.png アクミだん
Team Acme.png
Phonetic: Akumi-dan
Released In: DMR-21 Team Hamukatsu and Dogiragon Buster
Civilization(s): Darkness / Fire
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Team Acme is a race of creature in the Darkness and Fire civilizations.


Most creatures in this race feature 第_種 (Dai _ Shu, Number _ Seed) in their name, with _ being a Japanese number 一 (ichi, 1), 二 (ni, 2) 三 or (san, 3).

Initials related to Team Acme are codenamed "M".


It is one of the 5 main Revolutionary teams in the Revolution Final block, with its primary civilization representing Darkness.

Their strategy is based on suicide tactics, such as discarding and destroying one's own creatures for an advantage. However, if they are combined with Revolution Change, that may keep the hand from depleting. Due to their civilizations and graving tactics, they are suited for Romanov Sign strategies.

In DMR-21, they use the Revolutionary mark in their effect box. However, in DMR-22 and after, they use the Initials logo in their effect box.

Their medium-sized creatures feature the Demon Dragon race while the higher costing ones are Demon Command Dragons.


Team Acme was part of the Brave Three alliance alongside Team Doremi and Team Tech. Both Doremi Redo and Evil Heat tried to warn Miracle Star not to trust Demonkazura too much.

Many flavor texts in DMR-21 say that Team Acme cannot be trusted and A Zarashi's flavor text even says that the team "Loves scheming and betrayal", suggesting that they may turn traitor later on.

This was later confirmed as Team Acme was revealed to be a faction of Initials who were capable of Revolution Change. They were later revealed to be Initials disguised as Revolutionaries who consume other Revolutionaries and were defeated by Team Doremi.


Team Acme is Utsubomi Kazura's main Revolutionary race in Versus Revolution Final season of the anime. Her creature partner is Acme.

Acme makes his first debut helping Kazura in getting Katta's attention towards her. He was also one of the cards that are affected by the pulses of Katta's "Victory Mode", giving him a physical form.

In Kazura's duel against Lucifer, she uses the Initials Team Acme creatures.


Team Acme don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures.





  • Acme (/ˈækmiː/; Greek: ακμή, akmē, /ˈɑːkmɛ/, the peak, zenith, prime) is a Greek word denoting the best of something.
    • However it very likely simply means "悪味", meaning "bad taste".
  • The theme of the race is plants as well as fruits and vegetables.
  • Their emblem is Acme, First Seed's face combined with Tamagineil, Second Seed's head.