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タマシード (Tamashīdo)
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Tamaseed is the soul of a creature! After using its ability,
it will remain in the battle zone, so use it as an evolution source!!
However, be careful as it can't attack!!

Tamaseed is a card type.


It was first mentioned on the Luna Daybreak Sigma card in DMEX-18 20th Anniversary Huge Thanks Memorial Pack: The Chapter of The Shadow Parallel Masters, however, no card with the card type was released in that set.

The card type was later introduced in the DMSD-20 King Master Start Deck: Joe's Star Max Evolution and DMSD-21 King Master Start Deck: Abaku's Oni RexStars decks before their inclusion in the DMRP-21 Oni Yaba Counterattack Star Max!! booster pack.

Each Tamaseed has the Shinkarise keyword that allows you to put evolution creatures on them as if they were a creature (This also includes Neo Evolution).

Shinkarise: You may put evolution creatures on this tamaseed as if it were a creature.

Each Tamaseed also has at least 2 races, one being either RexStars or Oni RexStars (paired with Demonio).


A Tamaseed's name is based on formerly released creatures.

Their suffix is also dependent on their civilization (unless they have the Jokers or Oni RexStars race).


Race: Nomenclature: Notes:
Jokers Jokers.png 心絵メモリー (Memory)
Demonio ふう (Oni Seal)
まき (Oni Scroll)
■ Cost 3 or more
■ Cost 2 or less


Civilization: Nomenclature:
Light Light.png 天宝ジュエル (Jewel)
WaterWater.png 海幻ビジョン (Vision)
Darkness Darkness.png 黒像シャドウ (Shadow)
Fire Fire.png 炎霊ソウル (Soul)
Nature Nature.png 地版ルーン (Rune)


(These cards are an example of Tamaseed cards from DMSD-20 King Master Start Deck: Joe's Star Max Evolution and DMSD-21 King Master Start Deck: Abaku's Oni RexStars.)

List of Tamaseeds


(These tamaseeds have a RexStars race.)

Oni RexStars

(These tamaseeds have an Oni RexStars race.)


1 Helcopta's Memory
Nature Nature.png / Tamaseed
Jokers Jokers.png + RexStars

■ Shinkarise: You may put evolution creatures on this tamaseed as if it were a creature.
■ When you put this tamaseed, look at the top 4 cards of your deck. You may take an evolution creature from among them, show that creature to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.


  • For a full list of cards that support Tamaseeds, see here.


  • Q: What is a Tamaseed?
    • A: This a new card type. If you use it, it will be put into the battle zone. After using its abilities, it stays in the battle zone, but unlike a creature, it has no power and can't attack. As its not a creature, it also can't be attacked by your opponent's creatures and can't be chosen by abilities that destroy creatures such as Terror Pit? source [2022.4.8]
  • Q: When I use Viola's Shadow, can I remove a seal from FORBIDDEN SUNRISE ~Dawn of Forbidden~?
    • A: No, you can't remove a seal. Tamaseed isn't a creature, so using it isn't considered a "Summon". source [2022.4.8]
  • Q: Can the "when you put" ability of Jaouga, Finality King Oni destroy the creatures and tamaseeds under my opponent's evolution creatures?
    • A: No, they can't be destroyed. The characteristics of any cards under a creature are ignored. Therefore the effect of destroying creatures and tamaseeds doesn't allow you to choose creatures or tamaseeds under a card. source [2022.4.8]
  • Q: What happens to the cross gear that was crossed, weapon that was equipped or attached aura to an evolution creature when the top card of an evolution creature leaves, and a tamaseed remains in the battle zone after Rebuilding?
    • A: The cross will be uncrossed and stay in the battle zone, and the weapon will be put into the hyperspatial zone. (Note: No information is mentioned about Aura. It is likely removed as it only attaches to creatures.) source [2022.4.8]
  • Q: With the "when you put" ability of Slotton's Memory, I evolved Shield Knight (Absolute Star) and gave it "Blocker". If 'Shield Knight (Absolute Star)' leaves the battle zone during the same turn, does the 'Slotton's Memory' tamaseed still have 'Blocker'?
    • A: Yes, it has the 'Blocker' ability. After an evolution creature has been given an effect, if the creature becomes a Tamaseed during that turn by rebuilding, the effect isn't lost. However, as Tamaseed isn't a creature type, you can't block with it, and it can't be referenced by an effect that specifies a 'creature that has "blocker"'. In that turn, if 'Slotton's Memory' evolves, the evolution creature will get 'Blocker'. source [2022.4.8]
  • Q: Can I choose the Smapon's Memory under my opponent's Shield Knight (Absolute Star) and destroy it with the "when you put" ability of Akkan Perocket?
    • A: Yes, you may put them into the graveyard. Tamaseeds under evolution creatures are also non-creature cards. source [2022.4.8]
  • Q: When Orlilia (Petro Star) evolved over Smapon's Memory leaves the battle, the 'Star Evolution' only removes the top card instead. can the 'Smapon's Memory' stay in the battle after Rebuilding?
    • A: Yes, you may leave it. source [2022.4.8]


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 315. Tamaseed
    • 315.1. The active player can use a Tamaseed from their hand during the main step.
    • 315.2. After being used, a Tamaseed is put into the battle zone.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 315. タマシード
    • 315.1. ターン・プレイヤーは、自分のメインステップにタマシードを手札から使うことができます。
    • 315.2. タマシードは使ったら、バトルゾーンに出ます。


  • Its name is likely a combination of 魂 (Tama) meaning 'Soul' and シード (Seed).
  • The release of this card type was similar to the Tarmogoyf and Steamflogger Boss cards in Magic: The Gathering that referred to card types (Planeswalker / Contraption) that didn't yet exist in their game at the time of the card's release.