If I use the ability twice on the same creature, does that creature break 4 shields because it gets double breaker twice, or does it break 2 shields?

its still break 2 shield, W breaker + W breaker != Q Breaker

if single breaker get double breaker ability, it breaks 2 shield

if triple breaker get double breaker ability, it still breaks 3 shield. 

It never stacks. The ability even says "breaks 2 shields". It could have hundreds of "Double Breaker" abilities, they all say ""breaks 2 shields". can break 2 shields. If it had triple breaker and double breaker? You do what triple breaker says, and break 3. You do whatever the highest breaker ability says. Multiple copies of Double Breaker (casting this on say, Bolshack Dragon) is useless. Yami Michael 00:34, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for replying. I'm still a little confused about the stacking effect of shield breaking. On the rulings page of the cross gear Powered Stallion, it says that the shield breaking ability DOES stack up, that's why I asked about Magic Shot- Explosive Strike.

Here, this is from the rulings page of Powered Stallion:

"Q: If a creature is crossed with multiple copies of this cross gear, what happens?

  • A: The power gets doubled for each copy, so if the power is enough to activate the cross gear's additional breaker effects, the creature gets those in multiples as well. For example, a creature with two instances of double breaker would break four shields, and so on similarly for triple breaker.
    • 'Example: If you have a single Fist Ace, the Meteoric in the battle zone and it's battling while doubly crossed, this 1000 power creature will get +1000 from hunting for a subtotal of 2000. Double that subtotal for the creature's new subtotal power: 4000. Double that for its true power: 8000. Since this number is greater than 6000, both cross gear give Fist Ace double breaker. Note that since the creature is hunting, that means it's in battle and not capable of actually breaking the four shields it would otherwise be able to were its power that great when simply attacking a player. "

I've underlined the portions which say that getting double breaker twice stacks and lets the creature break 4 shields. Have I misunderstood the ability, or is there something wrong with this ruling?

Bad ruling page, I apologize for that. Multiple copies of Double Breaker on a creature would still only break 2, as I said before. I'll fix that page right now. (The writer of that ruling was new to DM, and the page must have been overlooked) Yami Michael 13:54, June 20, 2013 (UTC)

Thank you very much. I appreciate your efforts a lot, I visit this wiki regularly.

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