Flavor text translation help

I swear it is a pain to write those Japanese letters.

Original text : この『壁の雪山』には恐ろしい存在が封印されているという伝説があるの...。それでは聴いてください!X-Girlsで『禁断のプレリュード』 ---雪精 エリカッチュ/雪

My attempt to translate : In this "wall of snow mountain," there is a legend about terrible presence that was sealed. Now, please listen! X-Girl's [Forbidden Prelude]  --- Snow Faerie Erikatchu (Japanese flavor preserved for fellow's convenience)

この『壁の雪山』 (kono kabe no yukiyama) in beginning of the text imply that Erikatchu want to stress the part about this snowy mountain, not that しい存在 (osoroshī sonzai ). Or at least that is what I thougth. Suggestion for translation is greatly appreciated.   Hyoroemon (talk) 14:49, October 18, 2015 (UTC)

This seems like google translated text. I advise you DO NOT mess with translations if you do not know anything about japanese. Google translate can only translate words and never entire blocks of text. If you translate the text over and over, the results become even worse, there's even a site called badtranslator that allows you to simulate text destruction.I already translated the correct stuff for you.--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (talk) 14:57, October 18, 2015 (UTC)

  • I will take that hear. Also the の when refering to location I think the 'snow mountain' are making the wall that is described here.
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