• Because of the Substitution Effect, if your opponent's deck has 4 or less cards in it, 5 cards can't be drawn and Takonchu will be destroyed. This is because the substitution event can't be completed as they don't have the required 5 cards left in the deck.
  • If this creature's power is decreased by 5000 or more (such as by Hanzou, Menacing Phantom, Deadzone, S-Rank Zombie or Death Metal Punk, Spear Dance), the opponent will lose instantly by drawing all cards in his deck (5 at a time) if he has a multiple of 5 cards left in his deck. This is because the effect will repeatedly trigger as a state based action as the creature has 0 power.
  • When you put a creature without a Command race into the battle zone, as this card's Static Ability is immediately active, that creature is also treated as a Command that is put into the battle zone.

Takonchu, Space
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