Civilization(s) NatureNature
Affiliation Rare Killers
Voice Actor 菊池 正美
Masami Kikuchi
Signature Card(s) Bubble, D2B

Ta-Kun is a member of the Rare Killers and is the 10th and final member.


A 1 year old baby that can talk. Despite as a baby he is often charming and endearing, he can be very cunning and dangerous at times.

He has an old woman who acts as his caretaker, which is also possibly his mother.

Just like Rokuro and Domyoji-Gonzaburo, he is a popular celebrity who has his own franchise. He has also been side to side with Duema Boy Daiki and Duema Star Taka.


Ta-Kun first appeared along with Officer Serious in a prison and formed a PTA with Serious and his caretaker.

His real appearance is in Episode 27 where he invited a bunch of men wearing baby suits into a stage, with Passionate Narrator and Duemouse being support. He then introduces Katta into the stage and Katta challenges him into a battle. Since he is now a baby due to the effect of Bosskatsu's contraption which transforms him into one, Lulu Takigawa and Utsubomi Kazura fights for him with him watching the duel.

Ta-Kun starts by sending a few 1 cost Milkboys and sending out Merry Boy Round, Cradle of D to protect them. After a while he proceeds to summon Bubble, D2B and untaps all of the Milkboys with Merry Boy Round. He then broke all of Katta's shields, but one of the shields revealed by Katta was a Reckless Cut Scrapper which destroyed all of his Milkboys and he was defeated by Katta's Mishra, Triple Star Iron Man and Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader.

12 years after the final battle against Dormageddon X, he became a TV comedian together with Officer Serious.



Episode number Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 27 Katta Kirifuda Loss Threat of the 1 Mana Baby

He uses a Nature Civilization Initials/Milkboy deck. Due to this, most of his creatures have a mana cost of 1. Despite the disadvantage of them being unable to be summoned untapped, his main D2 Field, Merry Boy Round, Cradle of D helps to protect his creatures from being attacked and its Denjara Switch allows him to untap them, which was beneficial if he summoned a lot of Milkboy.

This also benefits his trump card, Bubble, D2B that gives his creature a power up. However, his low cost creatures can be vulnerable to certain spells that can destroy any number of creatures that destroy based on total cost such as Reckless Cut Scrapper.

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