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No fair! The more Survivors there are, the stronger they become!
Survivor is also the name of a keyword.
Japanflag.png [サバイバー]
Phonetic: Sabaibā
Released In: DM-05 Return of the Survivor
DM-05 Survivors of the Megapocalypse
Civilization(s): Light / Water / Darkness / Fire / Nature
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Category: Survivor

Survivor is a race of creature that is shared between all 5 civilizations.


  • In the TCG, they are all designated with a "Q" at the end of their names, with the exceptions of the Evolution Creatures that are indicated by "Q-tronic" in their name.
  • In the OCG, Survivors are designated with a letter of the Greek alphabet. The letter used varies by the card's rarity in DM-05 and DM-06 and function in DMD-26.
Rarity (DM-05 and DM-06): Greek Letter: Katakana: Translation: Usage (DMD-26):
Common Common.png
アルファ Alpha Vanilla or Quasi-Vanilla survivors with no Survivor Abilities. All of them are cost 2.
Uncommon Uncommon.png
ベータ Beta Advantages given via attack triggers. All of them are cost 3.
Rare Rare.png
ガンマ Gamma Disrupts the opponent using Come Into Play effects.
Very Rare Very Rare.png
デルタ Delta Boosts all survivors with amazing offensive capabilities. Heavyweight Finishers.


Survivors come from all 5 civilizations, and most of them (excluding Evolution Creatures and Ultra Man) have an ability word designated by the ​Survivor icon.

All ​Survivor Survivor abilities are shared amongst all other creatures with the Survivor race, whether or not they possess reminder text on the Survivor ability. For example, Gigaling Q's survivor ability is "Slayer." While Gigaling Q is in the battle zone, all of your Survivors (including Gigaling Q itself) have the "Slayer" ability.

  • For a full list of Survivor abilities, see here.

While they hadn't appeared since DM-06 (with the exception of Ultra Man in DMX-12), they reappeared in the DMD-26 Masters Chronicle Deck: Survivor Evo-Theory α to Ω theme deck. It also featured a new Survivor icon Survivor.png to replace the previous ​Survivor.


The Survivors appeared from the earth's core in order to invade and conquer the Duel Masters planet. Due to the harsh conditions inside there, they cooperate with each other regardless of civilization. However, after a cooperative attack by the civilizations, they were quickly defeated and wiped out...

...however, the truth is revealed that the Survivors were actually lying dormant in the earth's core. One day, one of the 12 forbidden programs developed by the Water Civilization; the powerful evolution program known as O.V.E.R.Evo was activated by a researcher of the civilization for fun. This has caused the dormant survivors to wake up from their slumber and rampantly evolve while also taking over the researcher who activated them. The angered survivors have now started to take their rampage against the world.

The results of these events are currently unknown.


See also: Survivor keyword

Due to the nature of Survivors, most Survivors can be considered a supporting and supported card. Only Survivors mentioning other Survivors in their effect are listed here.


Cards that support Survivors

Support Card: Card Effect:
Brigade Shell Q Survivor Whenever this creature attacks, reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a Survivor, put it into your hand. Otherwise, put it into your graveyard.
Factory Shell Q Survivor When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may take a Survivor from your deck, show that Survivor to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Grave Worm Q Survivor When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may return a Survivor from your graveyard to your hand.
Rasselze, the Explorer Q Survivor.png Ultra Saver: Survivor

Evolution Creatures

Creatures that evolve from Survivors

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Q-tronic Gargantua Evolution—Put on one of your Survivors.
Crew breakerSurvivor
Q-tronic Hypermind Evolution—Put on one of your Survivors.
■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may draw a card for each Survivor in the battle zone.
Q-tronic Omnistrain Evolution—Put on one of your Survivors.

List of Survivors