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Support Race
サポート種族しゅぞく (Sapōto Shuzoku)
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Support Race is a term given to a race that mainly only supports another race.


Many of these races were featured in Phoenix Saga and supported Hybrid Races.

List of Support Races

Support Race: Supports:
Fire Bird Dragon
Saint Head Arc Seraphim
Machine Hero Great Mecha King
Deep Marine Grand Devil
Vehicle Bee Dreammate
Brave Spirit Tyranno Drake
Unnoise Unknown

Fire Birds have also been used as a general support race, supporting Phoenix, God as well as Zero Civilization creatures.

  • Egg has also been seen to support a mix of races (Dragon and Hunter) as well as the Zero Civilization.

The Dragon Saga block placed a focus on each civilization having a specific support race, as well as a Command Dragon race.

Civilization Support Race: Supports:
LightLight.png Justice Wing Angel Command
WaterWater.png Liquid People Sen Crystal Command Dragon
DarknessDarkness.png Funky Knightmare Demon Command Dragon
FireFire.png Human Baku Armored Dragon
Gaial Command Dragon
Red Command Dragon
NatureNature.png Beast Folk Go Jurassic Command Dragon