• At the time of this cards release (June 24, 2006), the celestial body of Pluto was considered to be a planet in the Milky Way galaxy that contains our Solar System. It was later designated as a dwarf planet in August, later that same year.
This card is part of the following cycle in the DM-19 Spectacle Nova set.

"Planet" Phoenix
(Each of these Phoenix evolution creatures are named after an astronomical object in the plantery system. They can evolve from up to 3 races, 2 of which are Hybrid Races)

Civilization: Creature: Planet
Light Supernova Venus la Saint Mother Venus
Water Supernova Mercury Gigablizzard Mercury
Darkness Supernova Pluto Deathbringer Pluto
Fire Supernova Mars Disaster Mars
Nature Supernova Jupiter King Empire Jupiter

Supernova Pluto Deathbringer
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