• Q: If I have 5 tri-colored cards in my mana zone (Water/Darkness/Fire), can I use each of the 3 abilities?
    • A: Yes. If for example you had 4 copies of Dead Sea Dragon and a Super Move! Absolute Despair!! in your mana zone, you may use all of these abilities.
      • Corollary: This card has three separate abilities that only check for five cards of a given civilization in your mana zone as this card is cast and the card never asks you to choose any particular effect whose conditions have been met (compare this with many Space Charge effects, for instance, which specify that even if multiple effects' requirements are met, you still may only benefit once). So for cards like this one, as long as you satisfy any given effect's requirements, that effect will occur just as naturally as your failing to satisfy those conditions will result in that ability doing nothing.
Super Move! Absolute Despair!!
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