Super Gacharange
ちょうGRガチャレンジ (Chō Gacharenji)
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Super Gacharange is a group of cards that have the GR supertype that is put into your Super Gacharange Zone.


The usage of Super Gacharange is not compulsory, but if you choose to use it, you must use exactly 12 cards. If you choose not to use it at all, 0 cards will be included into the Super Gacharange Zone.

Like a regular deck, you have to shuffle your Super Gacharange before the game starts.

  • Nothing occurs if you empty your Super Gacharange during a game. There is no deck-out procedure.
  • You may only use up to 2 copies of a card with the same name (except for cards with a specific ability that allows any amount).
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